Something Special: Back to Blogging!

Getting back into the swing of things…

Welcome to my blog, a little place for sharing advice, art, and snippets of my life! I would like to show you all the things I am working on, and planning to work on for the future, and everyday stuff I am interested in.

So who am I, you ask? My name is Allison Richmond-Leeth, or Alla for short. I am an Illustrator, Comics Artist, and Writer in my early 20’s, raised in a little town called Columbus, Ohio. If you had been so nice as to have peaked around at my website, you can tell that I love to create anything cute and girly (and apparently love the color pink). Well, my love of creating is slowly forming into my career.

It me!!

Here’s a little back story: After growing up in northern downtown Columbus, I attended Columbus College of Art and Design. I finished off my schooling with a BFA in Illustration and Creative Writing. Throughout my life, I fantasized around with the idea of creating my own stories in the form of comics and writing. As a kid I would draw my own characters and worlds on printer paper and sift through how to draw books in my free time. My childhood dreams have only expanded, as I am planning my very own publishing company lovingly called Soft Peach Comics. It will be a place where I make and self-publish my own stories.

Day-to-day, I pay the bills working part-time at the American Girl Store, then come home to spend the rest of the day building my arts career. My life has just begun, and success and failure await me in the world.

As I write, create, and play with dolls in my spare time, I hope my readers out there can gain a little something from my creations. Whether it’s advice, a helpful word, or even some inspiration, then I’m happy with it. Consider joining me on my life adventures! I have many ideas clouding my mind, and I would appreciate an ear to listen. Or in this case, eyes to read.

Welcome, and thank you for reading!