Soft Peach… What is it, Exactly?

Soft Peach… sounds pretty delicious. If you like peaches that is.

What is Soft Peach? Other then a nice sounding summer snack.

Well, let’s back up a little bit. I have a quick story.

You see, I have a love for storytelling. As a kid I was inspired by a lot of the greats: Avatar The Last Airbender, Castle in the Sky, Sailor Moon, to name a few. In my opinion, those series had a knack for wonderful storytelling. A young boy with a great power discovered after 100 years is forced to face the task of ending a century-long war and bring peace back to the world. A boy with an admiration for the legendary sky castle goes on a journey to find this place under the following of the military and with the help of thieving pirates. A young girl who is the reincarnation of the moon princess faces against many galactic enemies after her silver crystal, who fights with the power of friendship.

All these summaries sound epic, right? At least to me they do. And telling an epic story was something I wanted to do since I was young. I would create these characters with powers and personalities and place then in these little worlds with all my favorite things; winged angels, mermaids, witches and elves who wielded bows and arrows and could talk to animals. I created a team of magical girls based on my love of Sailor Moon and Cardcaptor Sakura who would protect a legendary queen who lost her memories. I wrote over and over again their stories and plotted out what would happen, who would learn something, who would die, who they would fall in love with.

I love imagining. Now that I am in my mid twenties, you would think my passions would fade, but the exact opposite thing came to fruition as my artistic skills improved.

Let me tell you what Soft Peach Comics is.

It is a place where a girl can discover her true powers and learn from her mistakes while growing stronger than her enemies. A place where a journey begins with a tragedy and discovery of an ancient, hidden power that leads someone across the world to encounter people like her. A place with a witch on the inside who falls in love with another on the outside. A place where a new, wonderful paradise can lead to depression and self-discovery. A place where a giant, forest dwelling beast makes friends with a tiny fairy.


My dream is to make Soft Peach Comics a successful comics publishing company with many titles under the name. Comics that experiment with different mediums, formats and formulas, as well as telling all kinds of unique, interesting stories. I want it to possibly expand into animated form with shorts based on the comics it produces. I want it to be a headquarters of lovely, feel-good comics that I write, design and create myself and with my friends.

So, where is Soft Peach now? Well, it’s only getting started. My very first comic, Jazz, is releasing chapter two soon. Remember that sentence a few paragraphs ago about a girl discovering her true powers? Well, that’s what it’s about pretty much.


It’s magical girl based, with a not-so-hard-to-figure-out twist at the end. Chapter two is set to come out March 14, if I play my cards right and work efficiently. After that, while Jazz takes a break, onto the next story. What’s that next story, you ask? It’s my secret for now, but if you follow along with this blog for a while, you may just find out soon.

If you enjoyed this post about Soft Peach Comics, feel free to stick around Alla’s Art Story for more info about Soft Peach, my life, and other things going on. I’ll be sure to update when the next chapter of Jazz is ready for eyes other than mine and a few choice people to see. If you’re really into this Soft Peach thing, it has it’s own instagram, @soft_peach_comics, where I post works in progress, cover shots, progress videos, and anything else about the comics I’m making. So feel free to follow if you’re interested, and tell a friend too!

I really appreciate you taking the time to read, and see you with a new post very soon!