March Muses and Mishaps

March has been quite the month, hasn’t it? As for me, I’ve been working on preparing for two art shows in April, along with a busy work schedule at my day job. Spring break is apparently the time for people to come buy their American Girl Dolls. It feels like there hasn’t been a dull moment in the past few weeks, and of course I have some things that I’ve really been appreciating in March that I thought I’d share with you all.

1. Ikea

Everyone loves Ikea in some sort of fashion, right? There is a relatively newer store in my city that, when we go, we have to put away time to explore before we gather whatever we need for the house. In this particular trip we took a few weeks ago, I was on the lookout for some expansion for my workspace, so I bought 2 desks and 2 drawer units. My boyfriend was so kind as to be cart pusher and ride to said Ikea to pick up my wares, which I had saved my tax refund for.

What I love about Ikea is how easy it is to put their furniture together. I am a very visual person, so if you’ve put Ikea furniture together before, you know that their instructions are ALL pictures with no words anywhere. It may sound like a bad thing, but it makes someone like me, ditzy and kinda slow, seem like a professional furniture put together-er. And thanks to Ikea, my workspace has improved! I now have a small desk attached to my corner desk that houses my printer with convenient drawers to hold illustration boards, as well as a bigger desk in my room to use for my doll customizing hobby (that I should probably start soon). Along with that I got some inexpensive drawer units to put under my corner desk to have a better spot for art supplies, electronics, and my giant collection of pens, pencils, highlighters, and the like.

With my new workspace, this should make me more efficient in making more content for everyone. And it’s all thanks to Ikea’s easy-to-put-together-and-inexpensive furniture.

2. Lush

Despite following lots of skincare brands and influencers on Instagram and Youtube over the years, I’m not the best at taking care of my skin and body. And please ignore the fact that my diet this March has probably subtracted years from my life (that’s another blog post). This winter has been a strong contender in making my skin super dry, itchy and red. Not to mention the sinus allergies. I usually can go without lotion most days since my skin is naturally pretty oily, but not this winter season. But that’s where Lush comes in. Their lotions like Charity Pot and Jade Roller have soothed my itchy, red skin enough to where I don’t go back to my prescribed ointments. What I like most about Jade Roller, my most recent find, is that i can rub it where I want to on my face and body, and it melts right into my thirsty skin. Also, it smells like delicious peppermint.

Another recent find is Gritty Politti. Like Jade Roller, I can rub this on my skin and it does the work for me. Only this time, with Gritty Politti, it has exfoliating properties which take out all that dead skin and dirt. I like to use it once in a while to invigorate my skin, encourage blood circulation and all that jazz.

Maybe one day, when I’m more financially able to, I may switch all my skincare products to Lush, because their natural ingredients and safely made products do wonders for my skin.

3. Apple Store Genius Bar

March has been the month where my 7 year old MacBook and 2 and a half year old iPhone have decided its about time to kick the bucket. First it was my computer. I had fallen asleep to a Youtube video (most likely an ASMR video) and the computer battery had died, like it does. Once I woke up the next day, I had plugged in my computer to reboot it. And just like that, it shut off, and would not turn on. Feeling slightly worried, I took it up to the Apple store near my work to have it checked out. Turns out there was something in the system that could not respond to the battery and had to be manually switched on (not sure what the correct lingo is, the store associate can explain it better). I was thoroughly impressed with the services the Genius Bar at the store provided; first off, they fixed my computer. That’s pretty good. And also the associate was quick, and able to explain the issue. He felt like someone who cared about my concern and genuinely wanted to help me out. For some reason I thought that they would look down on me for having a now out of date laptop, but this wasn’t the case.

My other qualm was my phone. Still an ongoing issue, but the Genius Bar was able to help me out again with my phone, which is currently glitching out on my desk. The associate at Genius was helpful in having me make the decision to update my phone or stick with the old one.

Nevertheless, the Genius Bar is a great resource for Apple-loyal users like myself, and was surprisingly impressed with their service. No wonder Apple is a multi-billion dollar company. 

4. Skyrim

It’s no secret that I love video games. As a Nintendo girl at heart, I do have a love for fantasy RPG’s and story-driven games like Fable and Skyrim. I had an itching to play the aforementioned Elder Scrolls game, and a friend let me borrow it. It’s been like a therapy in the midst of all that’s happening this month. I get to wander the wintry wilderness, fighting dragons and leveling up my character. I’m going for magic using, like I always do. I love how you can stray from the main storyline, and even the side quests to wander off and do as you please. You could join either side of the civil war, become an assassin and join the Dark Brotherhood, become a master mage and hunt for soul gems. Or you could do what I do talk to everyone you meet, completing simple delivery quests for gold. In my game currently, I am trying to become Thane in every town, which is a high honor. I am saving my money to buy property in the town of Solitude, home of the Imperial Army, which I’m a part of, in order to become Thane. I’m having mindless fun, and it’s just what I need during a busy, uncertain time.

What were some of your favorite things about the month of March? Let me know, and be on the lookout for more blog posts! I’m trying to come up with some more ideas for posts, and in a few weeks I should have some more time to sit and write.

See you all in April!

(Sorry for no pictures this time, next time I shall have plenty of them…!)