Alla’s April Additions

Alla’s April Additions

April, what a month, huh? It hasn’t been consistently warm yet here in Cbus, but that’s what happens when the seasons change, right? It’s been a busy month, but in a good way. I have been able to relax in-between working at my day job and my artwork on the side, even making time to practice my new hobby every now and then. This month has brought in a couple things that have helped me in some kind of way that I would like to share with you. So here goes!


Me cheesing. My booth was really fun to set up!

First off, SPACE was amazing! If you didn’t know, I spent the last weekend at an indie comics expo called SPACE, ran by Back Porch Comics. I had so much fun there. There was so much talent in one small room, that I barely had enough time to look at all of it. A lot happened that weekend, I even had an interview on! Pretty amazing, when I think about it. I met some new people as well as some I met last year, and sold lots of copies of my comic, “Jazz”!

I wanna say a quick thanks to everyone who stopped by my table, talked with me, and those who purchased something. It means a lot that there are people out there that think my art is worth something. It’s great being able to put myself out there and show off what I’ve been working on. Seeing a positive response in people as they look at my art couldn’t be more rewarding. I learned so much about sales and what people gravitated towards. I hope I can do a few more shows this year, cause it’s a new passion of mine to set up shop and talk with other creatives around Columbus.

Binging With Babish

I’ve been getting really into cooking homemade dishes lately. While I am accustomed to eating Maruchan ramen and instant pancake mix, I made an earlier post about how homemade mac n cheese kind of changed my life. This is where Binging with Babish comes in. This youtube channel has introduced me to lots of different recipes I’ve been wanting to try. Binging with Babish has a show called Basics with Babish, where Mr. Babish himself goes over simple dishes like pasta and chicken noodle soup, and shows the best ways to make them from scratch. There was one episode where he made homemade chicken stock, and with that created chicken noodle soup. It inspired me to try making my own homemade stock. While I still have a lot to learn, (I used waaay too much water) it was a fun experiment to try, and once I use all the stock I made, I’ll gladly try again. My next recipes I want to try are homemade pizza, down to the dough and the sauce, and homemade pasta. His videos are really nicely edited and easy to follow too. He puts every recipe in the descriptions of his videos. I recommend his series Basics with Babish for those like me who want to try more homemade cooking in the kitchen.

Illustration Board

Screen Shot 2019-04-22 at 4.02.53 PM
My cute girl on Illustration Board. I used gouache and inks for it!

This April I’ve been experimenting with different surfaces to make art on, cardboard to be more specific. One surface I haven’t used since art school is illustration board. There are a lot of brands to choose from, but I generally choose the kind that feels the best at the store; I’m not picky. But the best thing about Illustration board is that it can take a lot of different mediums, and has a good amount of “tooth” on its surface to hold different consistencies of paint and pencil. My favorite method is doing layers of watered down gouache to build up some color, and enhance those colors with colored pencil. I finish the whole thing off with inks on top as well as white acrylic paint for shiny areas. I haven’t had too many chances to use it, this month has been a busy one, but I thoroughly enjoy illustration board, and will be making a lot more pieces with it soon.

Doll Customizing

My first face-up with a proper sealant! Still gotta practice my aim with the sealant though…

Doll Customizing has been my new hobby that I’ve wanted to pursue for over a year now. Luckily, I now have most of the supplies I need to start! I’ll show the first face-up I did earlier this month. I have a lot to learn about using these different materials and drawing on a plastic surface, but I like where it was going! It feels weird drawing on such a tiny surface too. I’ve been heavily inspired my Dollightfully’s youtube channel as well as a few doll artists on instagram such as @c_u_l_u_r, @miasdaydream, and @moonlight_jewel. Such pretty dolls! Once I get some more free time, I would like to take some more time on this hobby of mine, and learn how to sew so I can make some doll clothes too! I find Doll Customizing very fun and rewarding (also, a little hard on the neck and back). Part of me wants to devote a lit of time to perfect making dolls and try my hand at sculpting dolls, but we will see about that one. I have a lot of things I would like to create, so let’s try and take it one project at a time!

That’s all I have to share this April! It was a month full of showing, doing and networking. My plans for the summer involve me moving up and getting a new day job. I’ve tried my hand at having two jobs before, and while it was good money, my health and art was another story. My plan is to look for a higher paying job while I can still have my art and blog on the side. I would also like to continue making my comics. Jazz chapter 3 is coming, and I plan on outlining what this next one will be about. I also have another brand new comic I would like to work on about a witch! So stay tuned for that. I am also still working on updating my Etsy shop, as well as promoting my Patreon page.

A lot of things, but all good! Thanks for reading and following along my journey, and I’ll see you in a next blog post. <3