How to Pass Your Driver’s Test in 1 Month

I’m ready to get my driver’s license.

It’s May, one month away from my birthday month, and two months away before my temporary license expires. It seems like the perfect time to get it. Also, I’m gonna be 24, so I’m way overdue, huh?!

When I was a teenager, I had an opportunity to get my temporary license and take driving lessons, but never went through with it. Maybe because I was lazy, but living in the city with a reliable bus line, I was willing to just take the bus wherever I wanted to go, since my childhood home, college, and downtown were all accessible by bus. It was when I graduated college when I decided I need to finally buckle down and learn to drive. Taking the bus to my work isn’t so bad like people think it is, especially where we live now.

My roommate and I both work at the same mall, which by car is about a 15 minute drive, by bus it’s double that time. When we lived closer to downtown however, it took over an hour to get to work, which in the winter time was rough. I had to take one bus up north, wait about 10 minutes, and transfer to another bus to the rest of the way to the mall. It wasn’t much of a hassle as it was a lot of time to commute. Back when I just graduated college, I had a call center job up near the airport, which is northeast. I lived back home with parents, which was south. To get to work took about an hour and a half of commute. Thinking back, I wonder how much time I could have saved if I had my own car.

2018 I made it my new year’s resolution to get my license. Well, it’s May 2019, time to get rolling!

Thankfully, I am not a newbie to the road. My very first time driving was in my stepmom’s truck, which was too big. But lately, by boyfriend has been helping me out by letting me drive his car around. I’ve gotten pretty good, I have driven through residential neighborhoods, set up some cones and practiced maneuverability (which I was able to do once!), and even parked multiple times! My boyfriend is a great teacher, always making sure I can see through my mirrors, have my seatbelt on, and being patient with me when I ask him questions while he drives. I have yet to go on the highway, but my next goal is to be able to get on the main roads and eventually drive on the highway, even parallel park!

I’ve been too nervous to go over 25 mph, and when I think about driving for too long, I feel anxious. Whenever my boyfriend and I do a spontaneous practice session, I get very nervous. I guess the main nervousness comes from being out of control. But what helped me calm down was telling myself, “it’s just like controlling a machine.” Cars are just big machines that we control, and as long as we know the basics of driving, and mind our signals, driving is a breeze. I’m planning another practice session soon (today is the 1st of May), and typing now, I have butterflies in my stomach. Mostly because I want to actually get on the road with other cars around, instead of driving around residential neighborhoods. Its a hurdle I need to get over if I want to get my license.

My next point, which is both fun and kinda scary to think about, is shopping for cars. I know next to nothing about cars, but I have things that I want in a car that I would like to share. With my passion for wanting to travel to different conventions to go as both a visitor and an exhibitor, I would like a car relatively big to hold suitcases, booth displays, things like that. I also would like a car that does well against ice and snow. I’m such a newbie on the road that the thought of driving along ice and snow sounds like a nightmare. A car with something like 4-wheel drive sounds lovely. Another thing I’ve been considering is a manual, or stick shift car. They look harder to drive since you have  to know exactly what you’re doing. But from what I hear, stick shift cars last longer, and are more reliable. Also, if someone tried to steal my car, there’s a higher probability they may not be able to drive it away! Not the best thing to think of, but still a funny thought anyways.

Again, I know nothing about cars, so as long as I can get a car that can drive, then I’ll be happy.

Thanks for reading my small little post! May will certainly be the month I get my driver’s license, so pray for me. I will try very hard to get there, even if I take the driving test at 11:59 on May 31st! And if you’re out there trying to learn how to drive, good luck, take it easy, and have a good teacher.

See you all in the next post!