Why I Love ASMR


What kinds of things do y’all do to relax, especially before bedtime? Do you meditate, take a shower, play video games, read a book? Well, for me, I like to watch ASMR videos on YouTube.

What is ASMR you ask? Well, “Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response”, better known today as ASMR, is described as a tingly, relaxing sensation you get when you listen to, or feel something particularly relaxing. Think back to a time when someone played with your hair, or knew someone with a soft voice. Have you ever heard a small, ordinary sound, like scissors cutting, and felt a strange relaxing feeling? You may have even listened to music that has moved you, and felt a rush of tingly feelings in your head. Have you ever experienced ASMR?


Not everyone feels this unique sensation, but I feel like I am especially sensitive to it. I have a vivid memory in elementary school where the teacher was reading us a story book, and her soft-spoken voice sent tingles all over my head, down my neck, crawling down my back. As an adult, I remember watching YouTube videos of people unboxing products, someone talking particularly softly, that sort of thing. And the intention was not to trigger ASMR for me, but for some reason it did. I would listen to these videos over and over, just to feel the relaxing feeling, not really knowing what it was. It was then I discovered videos on the platform specifically filmed for triggering ASMR. When I learned exactly what these tingly feelings were, and that they had a name, everything started to make sense. I had discovered this while dealing with countless stressful situations months after graduating college, so it helps ease those hard times.

My favorite YouTube channels to watch for ASMR are “Whispersred”, and “Goodnight Moon”.

The beautiful Emma from Whispersred.

Whispersred is this wonderful lady named Emma from England, and she creates all kinds of videos from simple trigger videos to roleplaying videos like going to a hotel, or visiting the clinic. She has a nurturing quality with her body language and her voice that reminds me of a mom’s warm hug and kiss goodnight. I can very easily fall asleep to her content. She also makes ASMR content for children, sometimes with her own children, and she has a vlog channel as well.

She has a great video on her main channel of her simply caressing and tearing paper towels. Something about it always gives me crazy amounts of tingles, and I can easily fall asleep to this one.

Check out Emma’s channel here! 

Erin from Goodnight Moon. She’s like a best friend in her videos!

The other channel I watch frequently, Goodnight Moon, is another ASMR channel, but mostly focuses on the role-play aspects of it. She makes scenario videos like talking with you at a party, putting on make-up. But my favorite set of videos is the Babblebrook Series. This series takes place in a medieval-like world with different characters she plays; namely, a pair of witch sisters, an innkeeper, and a dragon merchant, to name a few. These videos amaze me because so much goes into the costumes, props, and sound design, not to mention the acting. Many creators could learn from her videos (including me!). So much quality and creativity with the stories she tells, and I am of course enchanted by the tingly sounds.

Check out Erin’s channel here!

I could go on and on about these two channels, but I’ll instead talk about some of my triggers. Which is a lot. Like I said, I am particularly sensitive, so many things can set me off. Like:

Paper sounds, like paper towels or tissue paper

Caressing fabric or wooden surfaces

Gentle voices, especially soft spoken women’s voices

Watching someone fold, or play with something in their hands

Crinkly sounds, like unwrapping plastic

Tapping sounds, especially nails on glass

Sometimes very good music will give me a rush of tingles too

And these are just visual and audio triggers! I have physical triggers too like:

People gently running their fingers through my hair

Gently rubbing my back or any kind of caressing on my face

Like I said, I’m very sensitive to ASMR.

What about you? Do you experience ASMR? I would like to know, or is this your first time hearing about it? It’s become a big part of my relaxation time before bed, and I can easily get a good night sleep because of it.

I’d also love to know what are some of your favorite ASMR channels; I would love to check them out!