Alla’s May Meanderings

May… what a month. Had some slow weeks at work, and my finances are looking grim, but next month is birthday month, and things are looking up. I’m so close to getting my driver’s license, and I’m making art, and applying to jobs. I have a lot of goals, some of them seems impossible right now, but I would like to see them be possible soon! SO let’s get into what I’ve been doing! 

This month may have been a little trying, but I have some goodies to share with you that I’ve been loving…

1. Homemade Pizza

I’ve had a lot more days off the last few weeks; May is a slow month for retail it seems, so I’ve been at home a lot. And apart from watching all this YouTube drama unfold, I’ve been watching more Basics with Babish recipes. One I have been loving lately is his homemade pizza recipe, using an overnight, no-knead pizza dough recipe. The dough and sauce were homemade in my very own kitchen. While the first attempt didn’t turn out so well (ask my sister), the next three pizzas I made were amazing. While I’m still trying to figure out how an oven works (you’d think I already know), pizza is so fun to make. My hobby of cooking is something fun for me to do on my days off.

Check out Babish’s video on making pizza, and let me know if you make it too!

2. Mermay

If you don’t know already, every May, artists participate in #mermay, a time where you make art of mermaids. Last year, I created cute little mermaids out of circles, all on one page. But this year, I decided to create small gouache paintings of mermaids, based on a prompt list I found from an artist called @nlittvin on Twitter. I really liked their list because they sounded simple, yet they were slightly vague so that a lot could be left up to interpretation. Here are some of my favorite mermaids from #mermay 2019:

Koi Fish!

If you wanna see the rest of my #mermay posts, be sure to check out my instagram, @allas_art!

3. Game Grumps

I’m no stranger to Game Grumps. They’re a let’s play channel that I’ve watched since 2013, rediscovered them in 2015, and watch frequently now. They are a great group of people, full of creativity and comedy; I love watching their play-throughs of various Zelda, Mario, and Sonic games.

Some of my favorites of theirs are Mario 64, Pokemon Fire Red, and of course, their 10-minute power hour series. 

This month has been a little difficult at times; job hunting can really take a toll on you. Add that to financial difficulty, and you’ve got a nice recipe for stress. And when I’m feeling down, I turn to YouTubers like Game Grumps when I need to hear a friendly voice, or just spend some time laughing to myself in my bed, alone in the dark. Sounds kinds sad, I know, but I do love to watch them with my sister when I come over there too. They’re a great group of guys, and I hope to one day meet them.

Check out their channel for some great content!

4. Patreon

patreon promo

Give me just a little time to talk about my Patreon page. I have been wanting to create one for a couple years now, but decided now was the time with the new updates to the site lately. Patreon is a great site that allows creative people to be able to make a living by creating content for their following. I have a couple ideas I would like to implement into my page in the future, but for now, I have two tiers. One is a small tip jar for those who would like to throw in a small amount for support. My next tier is the first one with benefits. For just a small amount, I will create an iPhone wallpaper every month for users to sport on their phones and represent.

Screen Shot 2019-06-03 at 7.58.07 PM

I believe Patreon is best to start with baby steps, and, since my following is still growing, I don’t want to start too big. If people like what they see there, I will definitely be expanding the page. But that only comes if people support, so if you have a free moment, check out what I got going on there so far! I will be creating this month’s wallpaper very soon, so if you would like to have a new wallpaper for your smart phone, be sure to support me and my work. Every amount is appreciated, and it lets me know that my work moves people.

My Patreon page is right here. Please check it out if you can, I’d really appreciate it!

That’s it for Alla’s May Meanderings. Be sure to follow for more blog posts! I’ll be sure to keep updating frequently on all my social platforms.