How it Feels Being 24


It’s been a week since Prince’s birthday, what a legend that left this world way too soon. I have vivid childhood memories of listening to Prince in the car with my dad and sister, listening to Prince on repeat on my iPod nano back in the day. Do y’all remember those old iPods? Seems weird to call those old now…

Oh yea, and it was my birthday too.

On June 7th, I turned 24. With most birthdays I’ve had so far, I usually feel the same after the day, and don’t necessarily feel my age. This time, it was a whole different story. While the actual day was very casual, the second I woke up, something was different. Surprisingly, I have been feeling very reflective in the week of being 24. I am now officially in my mid-twenties.


Me living my best life: ice cream in hand, pink shoes, and flowers.

I’m still young that’s for sure, I have my whole life ahead of me. But I am two years away from being closer to my 30s. What?! Are you sure?!

In terms of how my life is going, I am at least 75% adult, at least that’s what it feels like. I still get slightly nervous when making phone calls, I can kind of park a car, I can JUST BARELY pay my bills with the pennies I make at my day job, and I only sometimes cry thinking about my financial situation.

To be honest with myself and to you, I feel like I should be farther along in my life story, and have more things figured out by now. I know life is more like a winding road than a set path, which is something I have to constantly remind myself. But I have lots of goals and milestones I want to achieve in this life I was given.

Me and the bf @triangletyler

I have short and long term milestones I want to reach, and some look astronomical when I write them on paper. Things like paying of my student loans, buying a house, becoming self-employed. Not to mention getting married and starting a family, because those are things I would like to do too. Shorter term goals like finding a higher paying job, paying off some smaller debts, buying a car, planting the seeds of self-employment sound slightly more feasible. I will strive to take the steps needed to get where I need to go. And now that I am feeling my age, it’s all the more motivating to do this. Again, 24 is NOT old. I want to emphasize that. But maybe I’m just mature for my age, like when I was a teen. Some things never change, y’know.

Along with goals, I am striving to make lifestyle changes for my health, my body, and mind. Eating healthy and exercising is something I have lost over time, and I want to get back into it. That means More cooking from home with healthy recipes along with doing my pilates. Back in 2013 I was very good about this, and I could tell I felt good just by living this healthier lifestyle. It wasn’t perfect, but it was definitely something good for me, and I will get back to doing that.

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I am sketching everyday, trying out more classes on Skillshare, and I am enjoying showing off my work on social media. I have lots more work to show off very soon too, and lots of ideas for new stories to tell under Soft Peach Comics. It makes me excited to think about adding more stories to the Soft Peach universe!

So, while I am 24, I will strive to better my life, work towards my short term goals, and plant the seeds for those long term goals.

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See you soon! <3