Alla’s June Jubilee’s

June’s phone wallpaper for patrons 🙂

June is just about over, and its been a pretty good month, huh? Things are starting to pick up in my life, and I am a whole year older too! It’s finally my favorite season, Summer. I constantly have my fan on when I’m in my room; we don’t have any air conditioning, so it can get up to 85 degrees in my house if its a particularly hot day.

I’m itching to go swimming, or even take a trip out to the beach! A girl can only dream, though.

As for my work life, it may be picking up soon! I have the opportunity for a full-time offer, so everyone pray that my interviewing skills are good enough for me to land those gigs!

There are a couple things I’ve been loving that I would like to share with you:

Dark Angels Cleanser from Lush

The good stuff.

My skincare products are slowly changing into Lush products. They’re a great company that is very conscious about their products, their sources, and their products are just good. I’ve used their stuff since I was a teenager, my favorite back then being the Tea Tree toner. Now, my skin has less acne, thankfully, but it’s still oily, and can feel greasy throughout the day. Dirt and oil get into my pores and cause the dreaded large pores and blackheads. That’s where “Dark Angels” comes in. It’s a face and body cleanser that really gets deep into my pores to clear out any impurities in the skin. I fell in love hard with this cleanser; I always feel squeaky clean after using it. I use it about once or twice a week. It’s a little strong for my sensitive skin to use everyday, but it does a good job fighting off my pesky acne and excess oil.

Dry Goods

My haul! I’m a sucker for sales (That sweater was 50% off!)

In desperate need for clothes, I went to the mall to get some and stumbled across a shop I’ve never heard of called “Dry Goods”. There isn’t a storefront at my place of work, which is at another mall, so it makes sense why I’ve never heard of it (I don’t get out much). I instantly gravitated towards the store for their high quality and cute clothes. I’m a stickler for clothing choices; I’d rather have quality over quantity and tend to pay more for better clothes than to buy a bunch in bulk. Seems to be the reason I was so desperate for clothes; a lot of mine were falling apart, and money had been scarce except for this brief moment. While I sifted through the sale rack (unfortunately their quality clothes costed a pretty penny) I found some really cute gems that made me really like the place. The atmosphere was very homey too; very relaxing and chill. Even the way the associate bagged up my items made me feel special. Right now, I’m wearing a couple of the pieces I bought, which fit me very well might I add. I will definitely be coming back to shop there once I am in need for more quality clothes.


I don’t have a pic of me driving, so here’s a nice shot of the sky on my birthday.

Right now, getting my driver’s license has been my biggest hill to climb. Circumstances made it so I will have to be renewing my temporary license, but no tears! The battle is not over yet! I currently feel 95% ready to take the driver’s test, all thanks to my boyfriend, who’s been a great teacher. I can see the development I’ve made in the past two months; I was once very nervous to get behind the wheel, so much so that I would make silly errors. But now, driving feels almost like a breeze. While I still drive like someone who is new to driving, (I’ll forget which direction I’m going in when I reverse) I am proud on the progress I’ve made so far. It’s been a dream to have the freedom of owning a car, and taking one more step into adulthood with having car insurance and what not. It feels like, while the dream is just barely out of reach, that I will be able to grab hold of it very, very soon. Wish me luck on this dream, it’s been a stressful one, to say the least.


His YouTube logo. Nice, right?

For my last “Jubilee” I bring you a YouTube channel I’ve been watching a lot recently. “Zeltik” is a YouTube channel that focuses on the “Legend of Zelda” series, with theory videos, unknown facts about the games, and reaction videos. I’ve been a huge fan of “Legend of Zelda” games since I can remember; the stories told and gameplay mechanics have always been fun to me. Zeltik makes fantastic videos about the series, and they’re fun to listen to while on my way to and from work, or when I’m winding down after a long day. Sometimes I find myself falling asleep to them, or popping them on when I’m working on blog posts (hint hint).

Check out Zeltik’s channel if you wanna see some fun Legend of Zelda content!

That’s about it for my Jubilees. July is now upon us, and who knows what will happen next…! But before I go, I have a new wallpaper for people who support me on Patreon:


It’s Zelda themed! With the announcement of a sequel to one of my favorite recent games, Breath of the Wild, I was inspired to recreate a shot from the trailer as Link and Zelda explore the dark, mysterious caved under Hyrule. I’m excited to know that a new Zelda game is being produced, and even more excited for Zelda’s cute little bob!

If you would like to see the rest of the piece and have it on your phone as a wallpaper, please consider supporting me on Patreon. I’m having a lot of fun posting on there and giving you all cute wallpapers. I would like to expand once I grow, so please help in that regard. I really appreciate every ounce of support from patrons.

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See you in the next post! <3