Alla’s August Curiosities

August has been a month of change. New job, new comic that I’m working on, transitioning into a new type of life… all that good stuff. It still feels a little strange; I don’t think I’ve quite mastered working a full-time job yet. If you didn’t know, after college I was spoiled with only working 15-25 hours a week doing retail at one of my favorite stores. While money felt scarce during the off seasons, I had a lot of time to develop my brand and my art on the side. In the weeks leading up to starting my new job, I was even scheduling time in the day specifically to work on Soft Peach. Like a true business-woman, setting her own hours! But now, I work around 38.5 hours a week at a time, truly full time, and it’s been a challenge, to be honest.

While the job itself is rewarding and I’m learning new things everyday, taken time away from working on Soft Peach, more specifically, working on my new comic. This blog has suffered as well; I have a blog post sitting in my drafts folder that I would have liked to have finished this month, but unfortunately it’ll be pushed back to September. Sorry about that! The transition period is taking longer than I expected, and I don’t want to put my health in risk by overworking. But I’m still here!

I have some things to show off that I would be happy to share with you all for the month of August:

1. Mocha Frappuccino  

If you told me I’d be drinking blended coffee drinks two years ago, I would’ve laughed right in your face. I have never liked coffee, not at all. One day, my boyfriend made me a small cup of instant mocha-flavored coffee with cinnamon on top. I was surprised when I tasted it because, while I could still taste the bitter coffee taste that I’ve always hated, I ended up liking the little drink. It was then I started experimenting. Peppermint mochas were in season at the time at Starbucks, my usual go-to on my way to and from work, so I tried one. The peppermint masked the coffee flavor, and it was a pretty yummy drink, so afterwards, during the summer months, I tried the mocha frappuccino. It’s now my go to drink when I want a little treat every once in a while, and, while the drinks I tried probably only had very little coffee in it, it still made me feel even more like a 9 to 5 adult. My specific order nowadays is a mocha frappuccino with almond milk and no whip cream. I like to keep it dairy-free for reasons you may know, and it’s a refreshing summertime drink. As the season changes, I think I’ll keep up my coffee experiences and try a Pumpkin Spice Latte.

2. The Columbus Athenaeum

If you wanna know what my new job is, well it’s here! The Columbus Athenaeum is an old fashioned building made in the early 19th century which turned into a venue spot for weddings, concerts, and corporate events. My role is full-time sales coordinator, and I work with the director of sales to schedule tours, follow up with clients, prepare rooms for tours and events, and make sure the clients stay happy. I actually have been here a few times in the past; my college had hosted a couple of events here for banquet dinners, and it was strange to come back and slightly recognize the rooms after several years.

So far, in the three weeks I’ve been there, has been rewarding, but pretty tough on my health and well being. The job itself and running the events are all well and good, and I’m learning more and more about the roles of my job, but I was feeling the stress. Starting a new job is always difficult; starting at my past job felt almost the same way, and there’s still a transitional period that I’m going through right now. But I know that I will learn a whole heck of a lot, and take away more knowledge to help me in my own career.

3. Blogilates

I’m no stranger to Blogilates. It’s a YouTube channel and brand ran by an awesome fitness trainer and entrepreneur named Cassey Ho. She mainly focuses on pilates and cardio in her super cheerful workout videos, and she hosts workout challenges, promotes a happy and healthy lifestyle, and runs her own online shop, PopFlex, an activewear line. I have a couple pieces from her shop, and they fit me so well. I’ve been following her on social media and YouTube since around 2012-2013, and I have been doing her workouts on and off this whole time. They’re super fun to do, and they really make me sore at the end of it.

At the beginning of the month, Cassey hosted a challenge to do 100 reps of glute exercises everyday for 30 days. While I had to stop after a while because of personal reasons, I always enjoy her cheerful, positive attitude. Even through a screen, she has the ability to push you to go hard and keep going even when you’re sweating and dying from the workout. She’s an advocate for body positivity, and breaks norms of the fitness community by being real with her audience, which is something I admire about her.

Go check out her channel! Her 100 glute challenge is still happening too, so go do some exercises if you’re up for it! 

4. Super Smash Bros

I’ve been playing Super Smash Bros ever since Melee came out in 2001, and it’s always been a game series that I’ve loved for so long. Smash Bros Brawl, the third installment on the Nintendo Wii, was the first game I remember being excited to come out, besides Twilight Princess. It was the age of old YouTube, and I would watch silly cartoons of the characters introduced into the upcoming game. Good memories right there. Smash Bros is also one of the games where I met all of my closest friends, too. We all bond over playing the game together and go crazy when we do one-on-one fights with no items. Screaming at each other, and calling for rematch after rematch is usually what goes down. Back in college, my friends and I would end up playing the game until 3am, coming up with our own rules (tag smash, anyone?) and losing our minds at close calls,  hot combos, and salty moments. I’m pretty sure it’s also one of the reasons my boyfriend fell for me; he’s told me I have made him go insane with the way I play and the characters I use. Smash Bros is an important game for me, if you can’t tell. I love it.

It makes the list for this month because during the times where I have felt absolutely drained and almost sickly from adjusting to my new schedule, I turn on a game of smash bros, and it always made me feel better. The other day in fact, my closest friends and I all played smash together, and it really felt like old times back in college. I won’t say I’m the best at the game; my friends really give me a run for my money, but I have really gotten good at the game because of them, and, I just really love playing smash with my friends! It’s honestly a cure-all for a stressful time.

Thanks for baring with me and keeping up with me! Be on the lookout for a new blog post in the next few weeks or so. I would like to share with you my idea. So please follow for more updates!


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