Alla’s September Sightings

Why did it feel like September flew by? Is anyone else’s mind blown that we’re almost in October? Even though it doesn’t feel like Fall yet in Central Ohio, I’m definitely ready for Fall. I usually dread the start of Fall, it’s me least favorite season. While I know that’s a very unpopular opinion, I’m a summer child at heart, and love warm weather. But it’s been so hot recently that, for the first time, I’m looking forward to bringing out my winter jackets and hot apple cider. I already have a Halloween costume in mind for the holiday, now I have to find a Halloween party to go to. 🙂

It’s looking like October will be a busy month for me; I have some overtime scheduled in at work in the next few weeks, and I would like to post more on here, and work on my comic. Wish me luck! 

I would like to share with you my favorites from this month. It’s been a month of 

1. Artist Alley International Facebook Group

Lately I’ve been interested in applying to and attending more conventions in Ohio and the midwest. I always have a good time at the conventions I go to. I love meeting new people that look at my art, making connections and of course, collecting business cards. Recently I went to CXC this past Sunday, and I was able to connect with former peers from my college, and it was great to see people tabling and selling their work.

I’ve been showing at a couple cons since 2015, starting with my college’s art fair. There’s a big list on my computer of different cons that are currently accepting artist alley applications, ones to apply to next year, as well as lists of things I need for my booth space. My partner and I enjoy coming up with unique interactive booth ideas to draw people to my table, and I love to see what other people are doing.  

That’s where this Facebook group comes in. The Artist Alley International Group on Facebook is a great space for artists to come together and discuss tips, advice, and more about booth spaces, reviews on different conventions, things like that. I find myself scrolling down the page for hours, reading discussions, making mental notes on helpful advice. I recommend it for anyone that is interested in conventions in any way, whether they want to apply to shows, or attend them. 

2. Packing Lunch

This one is less of what I’ve been doing, and more of what I want to do. I work a full time job, and while I’m close to a lot of different fast food places, I’d rather not spend half my paycheck on bought lunch. I’ve been trying to cut down my food spending during the week, but what I really want to start doing is more meal prepping on my days off. Some days I do bring some snacks with me to work, enough for me to not be starving at my desk, but I would like to start making actual meals for myself. 

I’m gonna make a challenge for myself: I‘m gonna plan a day in the week to cook a big meal and split it up 4 ways, and once a week I can treat myself to take out. Sounds simple enough, right?

3. Pleasant Sims

I’m big on watching YouTube videos on the regular, if you don’t know already. I’m also a big fan of playing the Sims 2 on the regular. One of my favorite small Youtubers in recent time has been Pleasant Sims”. This small let’s play channel is run by Cindy, and she focuses on Sims 2 let’s plays, telling the stories of the well known sims in the game. I end up watching this channel for hours, listening to the stories and gameplay go on, and sometimes end up falling asleep to them. I really like the way Cindy plays; she uses modifications and that help the gameplay, and I actually downloaded some that she recommended. She also runs a blog on her website,, which has lots of tips and advice for other Sims 2 players. 

I’ve been playing Sims 2 since I was 10 years old, and I’m always finding new ways to play from her website. If you’re a fan of The Sims and Let’s Plays, take a look at her channel!

4. Downtown Columbus

My morning commute has cut down significantly since starting my new job. I take the bus to work, which used to be around a 30 minute bus ride to the shopping mall. But now it’s a 10-15 minute trip to downtown, which always has something new on my walk to work. I really enjoy joining the hustle and bustle of the morning commute, and sometimes before I go to work, I stop by Starbucks and grab breakfast. Everything is really close by, and I enjoy going out to grab lunch a couple blocks away. I’m also close to my college, and sometimes walk by there, stopping by the grocery store nearby and grabbing a slice of pizza. 

I feel like more of an adult walking downtown to work surrounded by people in suits and business casual clothing. It’s a nice upgrade from the mall, even though I frequently miss the routine I had working at the mall. Still, it’s worth it though. My coworkers are super helpful and great, and I always feel accomplished at my job. Like I said in an earlier blog post, I can see myself at my job for at least another few years or so.

That’s about it for September! I’ve been working a lot, and trying to continue side-hustling too. My partner has been very supportive lately, and my friends and I all get together still. Life is still going along well, and my quest to becoming a full-time artist is starting to look more realistic!

See you in the next blog post! <3


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