One of my New Year’s resolutions was to draw everyday. I had gotten so rusty since December was a very demanding time of year at my day job. I would work for 9-10 hours, come home, eat whatever was around, and sleep. I’d wake up and do it all again. This was my life for about 3 weeks in December, but now that things have slowed down and I’m settling into a new workspace, I have lots of time to draw and hone my skills. 

 Starry girl! A new character that came with drawing everyday.

That’s why, for 2020, I am going to draw and post at least a sketch every single day on my instagram @alla_softpeach. I’ve started a hashtag called #366daysofsketching, and I will use it for every post I make. So far I’ve done well; there were a couple days where I was moving where I couldn’t post, but I’ve been very consistent otherwise. Sometimes I come home from work very tired, but I manage to doodle something in my sketchbook to show. 

Sold this as a print at Ohayocon, and people loved it!

Accountability has been the biggest motivator. I  have an obligation to post something for my followers to see, as they are awaiting a daily post from me. That has been very good for me since I don’t want to let them down and forget about my commitment. This system works well for me, so I would suggest artists out there who are struggling with drawing everyday because if life’s obligations to try using my hashtag. It may inspire you to make a commitment to your followers, and it may help you to gain more followers, if that’s your goal. Even if you just post a tiny sketch, like I’ve done a few times. 

A little Tokyo Mew Mew never hurt anyone, right?

Through sketching everyday, I’ve come up with new ideas and characters to create. I’m coming up with stories and new designs, and it feels like I’m back in art school again. I love it! 

Please follow my instagram if you would like to see my daily sketches. After I type this up I will be adding another one for today, so go ahead to go to my insta and wait for that post to pop up! 

Happy Sunday everyone! 

<3 Allison

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