Late Night Talk

It’s about time for me to head off to bed for work tomorrow morning, but I can’t help but think about all the ideas I have floating around in my brain. I’ve been settling into my new place pretty well, and been working at my current job for almost 6 months now, and things are starting to feel normal. Maybe a little too normal…

It’s been a bit of a struggle to formulate my ideas and goals lately. Maybe it’s because I have so many passion projects I want to take on, maybe it’s cause I have to switch my mind from event planning at my day job to trying to produce a piece of art, or maybe it’s because I started drinking coffee more regularly and it’s ruining my brain! After work, I get very easily distracted from browsing YouTube and The Sims 2 that I end up spending my evenings not accomplishing anything.

While it’s great that I have a pretty steady income and my own place to call home, I now need to dedicate the time and effort to get down to business and produce some work!

Lately, I’ve been putting myself out there and been applying for more cons and freelance work. Looking for new jobs is obviously not a new venture to me, but I’m realizing that I need to go back to surrounding myself with artists and be in an artistic career setting. I enjoy what I do currently, but I don’t see it long term. I went to art school and have been drawing all my life for a reason, so I’m gonna make it a goal to make a career in art for myself, whether it be my own business, in a studio with a company, or in my own studio surrounded by my friends!

Only a short and sweet post for tonight; I like these spontaneous posts, so I’ll call it a night for now.



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