My New PC Build

Here she is! What should I name her?

For 7 years I used a 13″ Macbook Pro as my computer of choice. We got it back in 2013 to get me through college and loaded it up with all the Adobe programs I needed to go to art school. With that laptop, I also played games, both alone and with my friends, and it has gotten me through my art side career after I graduated.

Starting last year, I noticed my laptop started showing its age. Programs slowed down, I couldn’t work in Photoshop without force quitting and resetting multiple times. I took it to the repair shop, and ended up having to replace the hard drive. After doing that, I decided that it may be time to upgrade to a new PC.

I’ve been wanting to build my own PC since 2015. I mostly wanted to build one for the experience, but also have a really powerful machine capable of multiple things including gaming, streaming, and Adobe products. At the time, Twitch streaming wasn’t as big as being a YouTuber, so at the time, I wanted to try my hand at making YouTube videos, which I made a couple (which now don’t exist anywhere on the internet). But I would have needed a more beefy PC to pursue that.

Now, in 2020, the time has come! I went ahead and took my hard earned cash and invested it into a really nice, powerful PC that I am currently typing this blog on! Read more for the specs…

I took a trip to my local Micro Center this past week ready to purchase the parts I needed. While I went a couple hundred over my budget, I ended up with a cart full of all the items I needed to get started. The sales assistants at the store were very helpful in deciding the parts for me, and made sure I got the right products and for good prices. When I got home, I couldn’t wait to get started. Luckily, I didn’t have work the next day, so I spent my night building this bad girl. It took me 5 hours hunched over my desk and watching multiple tutorials online. My boyfriend guarded my cat, and I got to work.

Here are my specs!

Right after I finished I took a victory photo. My cable management is not the best, but at least they’re somewhat out of the way!

Processor: AMD 8 core 16 thread by Ryzen (came with a fan with cool RBG colors!)

Hard Drives: 500GB m.2 SSD for storing Windows 10 software, and a 2TB mechanical SSD for storage

Graphics Card: GTX 1660 by MSI

Motherboard: Aorus B450 Pro Wifi Board

Case: Corsair Mid-Tower Spec-02 Case

Monitor: ACER 27″ 1920×1080 K2 Series

Keyboard & Mouse: A really cheap set 🙂

I went to bed at about 1am that night with all the pieces put together. The first time I turned it on and saw all the fans working was so magical!!

Later on, a friend helped me acquire Windows software so I could finally use it to its full potential. I spent a day off installing all the drivers and updates I needed to start working with my new PC.

My Plans with my new PC:

I would like to start up some projects that got put on hold because of my old computer malfunctioning, like creating new graphics for Soft Peach and Jazz in Illustrator and InDesign, as well as more projects for Soft Peach that require a little more CPU power.

I’d also like to start streaming on Twitch! I created a Twitch channel for the time being if you would like to follow. It will take me some time to start streaming, but I am working up to it! I will mostly be playing slower games like The Sims 2, Harvest Moon, Stardew Valley, etc. It will also be a place where I do some art as well. So if you would like to see me go live soon, let me know, and I will do it!

There are other projects I’d like to pursue with this new PC; I’m looking into new opportunities and business ideas that I could now take advantage of, and I am striving to use this PC to make some things happen. I’m uncertain of what those things are, so I will make sure to keep you updated on what they are in the future! I’d like to get to a point to where I can set my own schedule and be my own boss, so let’s see what the future holds!

What you Can Do if you Want to Build a PC:

Research, research, research. If you know nothing about building a PC, YouTube is a good place to start. For building my PC, the YouTube channel Paul’s Hardware was very informative and useful. He is very knowledgeable about the subject, so I highly recommend that channel. He helped me make a list of what parts I needed, how to set them up, and get to the point I am at now.

Have a friend help you build it too. If you know a person who has built a PC before, they maybe able to help you along the way. My brother in-law and another friend both helped me when I was researching to know what kind of hardware I would need for the type of PC I would need for what I’d be doing with it.

Speaking of what I want to do with the PC, figure out what the purpose of your build has, and figure that into your budget. If you’re looking for a PC that’s capable of multiple programs running, video editing, streaming in 4K, you may want to look into higher-end parts, and may spend upwards of $1,500-$2,000. My PC is a pretty good machine, able to run at high speeds, easily run games and other software with no problems so far. I spent a little over $1,000 for my PC, but you can easily swap out different parts if you’re looking to spend a little less. You can also upgrade over time. It’s all very customizable! If you’re able to make your way to a Micro Center, or any tech store, the sales assistants will be very helpful in pointing you into the right direction.

Thanks for reading this post! I was really excited to start up my PC and write this for you all. I look forward to creating more projects with this computer, and I hope you will join me on the next post!

Talk to you soon,

<3 Allison

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