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Happy July! What craziness will happen in the world this month? My plan is to stay put and work on what I want. Hunkering down with my cat for the rest of the year is my 2020 plan for now. It’s been getting pretty hot where I am, I’ve been blasting my A/C. But enough about that! Let’s get on to the topic for today!

Sissy! My lovely cat.

If you didn’t know already, I love a good story. It’s been a dream since I was young to tell a fascinating story, whether it be in the form of a novel, comic, or animation.

Now that I started Soft Peach Comics, my vision is to tell all these stories I have in the form of comics. I started with “Jazz”, a story about a magical girl. But I would like to share with you all the potential ideas I have, and offer a small summary of each one. Maybe while I am remaining under quarantine, I will make a comic, who knows?


A VERY old drawing from 2014.

Tetarra is my oldest story that I started when I was 10 years old. It’s the story about a world where people have these magical powers that stem from the goddess they worship. There are 4 races in the world and they are based on each season. The Asui people are in tune with nature and live in forests and meadows; the Wutari people live near the water with some being mermaids; the Faiai people live in the mountains and draw power from the heat; and the Edi people have bird wings and live in the sky. An ancient battle against an evil force left huge scars on the world and pieces of history were lost in time. The people of this world start to grow uneasy as a new evil threatens to awaken as the story begins. The characters awaken new powers, travel the world, and change the course of history.

Over the past 15 years, this idea has changed the most out of all the stories I have. Some of the main points are the same, but the plot has changed a lot, and I still don’t have everything worked out! With this story, I have lots of ambitious goals. I would like to make it into a comic, either for print or web, and I would like to create animations for it based on key scenes.

Human Fish

While “Human Fish” may not be the final title, this is a story I wrote senior year of college. It was a short story about a young girl named Reba raised by a human father and a mermaid mother. She grows a mermaid tail later on, and struggles to find her place in life as a mermaid.

I’ve always loved mermaids, and I wanted to tell a story about one, so I created this character who I think many people can relate to. Reba is around 18-19 around an age where people older than her try to tell her what she should do. She has lots of influences in her family, some better than others, and she goes through some tough moments. I want to create her story in the form of an illustrative comic with lots of beach scenery and quiet moments.

The Dark Forest

A redraw of an older piece I created in 2017.

These two characters were created in college as part of a short story assignment. The little girl is a fairy who has yet to grow her wings. While her fairy siblings love sunshine, flowers and butterflies, she loves darkness, spiders, and thorns. She flees from her fairy kingdom because her wings don’t grow in time, so she explores the forbidden dark forest. She meets the spirit of the forest, who is this giant green creature.

I was inspired by these characters I created that I decided to make a short story about them. I would like to create a short comic about these two and their shenanigans in the dark forest, and I would love to explore both of their backstories and tell a captivating story with lots of character development.

These are the 3 main stories that I would like to expand upon in the future. I’ve had each of them for a number of years, and they have developed over time. I have an array of other story ideas under my belt, so I would like to develop those too! Storytelling is a big passion of mine; I feel very inspired whenever I watch a show or read a comic with a great story.

That’s about it for now! I’d like to get back into working on my stories. I pulled out the editing pens and copies of my outlines, and started making notes.

Also! I’ve been adding some items to my Etsy Shop, Soft Peach Designs! So if you’re interested in what I have to offer, please check it out. :3

Catch ya later! <3


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