Big Etsy Shop Update! New Items, Prints, and Illustrations!

I have lots of new items listed in my Etsy shop, Soft Peach Designs!

These are some of the original pieces I listed for sale. I really like them a lot, so it’s hard to part with them! But I think they’re deserving of a new home.

I’ve also listed some prints that I have been saving for conventions this year, but since they were all cancelled, time to list them! These are some of my favorite pieces I’ve made over the last two years or so, and I want to make more like it for you!

I really enjoy working on my Etsy shop; I like to see what people gravitate towards, and see what kinds of things other artists are selling on their shops. At first I wanted to just focus on digital downloads, but I think it’s more fun to do physical orders. I can personalize each one, and I can write handwritten notes of thanks to my buyers! If you want to see my shop, please look up Soft Peach Designs on Etsy, or click this link! –> RIGHT HERE! It would really mean a lot if you were to purchase something; anything helps, since right now art is my only income at the moment. But if you can’t support, please share my shop with a friend!

That’s about it for now; honestly I haven’t been in the mood to write, so much of my focus has gone to drawing and creating. We have also been in lots of talk and conversation about my business ideas. I was recently inspired by my boyfriend and his words of encouragement. So if you’re interested in what my business idea is, please check out this blog post and this one. I go more in depth with the original ideas I had.

I hope everyone that’s in school right now is doing okay. I feel for you all who are starting school in this new, strange way, so I’m sending you all good vibes! Good luck!!


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