#Blacktober: Inktober 2020 is Upon us!

How is everyone? It’s officially fall now, and spooky season is upon us. Sticking with the theme this year with quarantine, my Halloween costume is essentially pajamas. I plan on being Boo from “Monster’s Inc”. If you remember that cute character, she basically wears a long pajama shirt and leggings, so that works for me! If there are any parties during Halloween, I will be the most comfy person there, mask included of course.

On to the topic at hand. If you’re an artist online, you may have heard of “Inktober”, which was started by Jake Parker a while ago. Basically you create an ink drawing everyday for the month of October and post it online. It’s a really fun challenge, and if you’re unfamiliar with using inks, or drawing traditionally, it’s a nice way to practice your skills. I’ve participated every year since 2016, and while I’ve only completed the challenge fully once, I still made some really nice drawings in my sketchbook from Inktober. I even made a zine of my drawings back in 2017!

This was the cover. I made drawings of magical girls!

This year, I want to go all out. I’m stuck at home unemployed, and I have more time to dedicate to making some nice ink drawings. Last year I was so busy with my job that I was only able to make 4 drawings spaced out across the 4 weeks of October. So this year, I went ahead and made myself a prompt list!

There’s been a lot of political and social restlessness this year. Along with a global pandemic, this year has been rough for pretty much everyone. Art is a release for me, so for this prompt list, I wanted to put the focus on the beauty of the black woman. Most of these characters I’ve listed aren’t POC or black, but I want to draw them that way for this challenge. I have also sprinkled some of my own characters in the mix too! If you choose to use my prompt list, you can create your own characters! That’s the beauty of creation right there.

I’ll try my best to create really strong ink drawings this year. I always enjoy the process of making a piece and posting it online, especially everyday, and I really like the sense of community around these monthly challenges.

Like it says on the prompt list, this challenge is for fun, and if you use this prompt list, feel free to pick and choose what you wanna do. If you wanna do a drawing every other day, or once a week, do what makes you comfortable! If you’re able to do do this challenge with me, I’d love to see some of your drawings. Please use the hashtag #allablacktober2020 on your posts, I’d love to see what you all come up with!

Good luck everyone, and have fun!


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