Jazz Chapter 3 is Coming!

This is something that I thought I wouldn’t say. It’s looking like “Jazz” is making a comeback!

If you don’t know what “Jazz” is, it’s my first ever chaptered comic I started back in college. It’s the story of an active, headstrong girl named Jazz who discovers she has magical powers and fights demons at her high school. I made 2 chapters so far; “Warm Ups” and “High Kicks“. They were both an introduction into Jazz’s world. Once I finished these chapters, I had moved on to working on chapter 3.

I discuss more of what happened in this post, but the long and the short of it was that due to moving around and work, I spent too much time away from the project, and I had grown apart from it. I wasn’t liking how it was looking, and I had to make a ton of revisions to make the chapter work for me.

Now that I spent my summer and fall at home, I rediscovered a love for the story while cleaning out my art closet and looking through the script again. It made me want to work on the story more and more as I thought about it over the next couple of days. So after doing some revisions, I’m glad to say that “Chapter 3: Interception” is coming soon!

A few things to unpack with the cover: First off, Jazz is holding what looks like a different weapon, and she’s in a football field at night. Wonder what it could mean…?

Before my long hiatus, I created the cover of “Interception” and one more illustration. I had started making the pages, but I will be scrapping those pages and starting anew. Interception will actually be in 2 parts! The first creating the setup for the story, and the second part with more action and even a surprise! I won’t spoil anything right now, but I think you’ll like it.

Here’s a quick summary of “Jazz Chapter 3: Interception“:

“Homecoming has hit Peachstone High, and Jazz is looking forward to spending time with her friends at the Homecoming game. That is, if there is a game to go to! There’s another demon lurking around the football field, and it’s taken over Jazz’s new friend. After a surprise at the pep rally, will Jazz be able to overcome this demon and enjoy the last Homecoming game of her high school career?”

I’m hoping to be finished with this chapter by, let’s say, the end of May 2021. I’m giving myself a lot of time to work on it since I’m not sure what my working life will be like. I’ll do my best to update you on my progress, as always. If you would like to see those updates, I have an instagram for my comics called @soft_peach_comics. There’s a lot of Jazz content there, so please go and refresh yourself with Jazz’s story!

See you all in the next post! <3


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