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I’m having a lot of fun with Inktober this year!

If you didn’t know, Inktober is a fun challenge that artists participate in where you draw one ink drawing everyday in the month of October. It had evolved greatly over the years, and artists have taken their own creative spin on it and come up with fun alternatives. One that has been very prominent this year is Blacktober, which I’m doing!

Blacktober is a celebration of black artists by showcasing their work by using this tag on social media. There is an official prompt list created on Twitter, but I created my own prompt list. This is my second time creating a prompt list for Inktober, and I really like this one! I am drawing some of my favorite female characters with beautiful dark skin.

So far I’ve done 20 drawings this month, and I haven’t missed a day! I’m really enjoying the process of drawing the sketch, and finishing it up with inks, Copic markers, and brush pens. My daily routine has been getting up early, finishing my piece, and posting it on social media.

My most recent Blacktober piece!

If you want to see the drawings I’ve done for Blacktober, please check out the Blacktober 2020 Archive page on my site! I’ll be archiving the drawings there so after this month, you can see them all in one place. I am also posting everyday on Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok!

I made a process video of a couple of Blacktober pieces. One of Cardcaptor Sakura, and the other one of Katara! These ones turned out great! If you want to see them, please click below…

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This is my first time using the Premium Content function in this website. Let me know if you are able to access those process videos, and if it’s working well! I would like to add more things in there like more process vids, sneak peaks on upcoming projects, and more.

There’s only a week or so left of Blacktober, and I’m proud of myself for sticking to it so well! I’m really liking the pieces that are coming out of it, and I would like to choose my favorite ones, touch them up, and list them on my Etsy. I’m also liking how my Instagram feed is looking! So nice and consistent… 🙂

As for when Blacktober is over, I have some ideas on new content that I want to do, firstly, I would like to do my first Draw This in Your Style Challenge! If you don’t know what that is, it’s when an artist draws a character and their followers, fellow artists, draw the same character in their style! It’s a trend that started a few years ago, and I think it’s a really neat idea! I’m also working on some new products for my Etsy shop, mostly holiday-themed stickers and prints! And of course, I’ll be working on Chapter 3 of Jazz too.

I’m really looking forward to this holiday season. I have two jobs now, so I will most likely get busy around Christmas time, but I have lots of projects I’m working on that should be really fun! I have a good feeling about the end of the year going into 2021. This year was so strange, so I’m ready for some good energy!

That’s about all for this post! Please be on the lookout for new content from me!


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