About Me


My name is Allison, or Alla for short. I am a comic artist and illustrator living in Columbus, Ohio. Anything cute, girly, and magical are things I love!

After graduating from CCAD in 2017, I have been working multiple jobs, including multiple side hustles along the way. Along with this blog site, I have social media platforms that I maintain on a daily basis, an Etsy shop called Soft Peach Designs, a Patreon, a Facebook page, and a YouTube channel. I also make and self publish comics under the name Soft Peach Comics. I am a creative through and through;  I have dreams of creating more comics, sharing my work by showing at art shows and conventions, and working full-time as an artist.

My current full-time job is a Sales and Event Coordinator at a wedding venue here in Columbus, Ohio.

Please consider following me on social media if you would like to see what I’m up to, and feel free to contact me about anything on my contact page!