How to Survive Your First Global Pandemic: An Update from Alla & Soft Peach

What’s going on everyone? It’s almost August, and honestly it feels like March 301st. It’s a strange year, that’s for sure, but I’m trying to make the most out of my free time under unemployment. Some days feel more productive than others, but it’s all about taking it one day at a time, isn’t it?

New Art

I’ve been doing a lot of new art this month, and I thought I’d show it here for you! Two of them are redraws of some of my favorite pieces by Takeuchi-san, or Sailor Moon’s creator. They were mostly experimental pieces using watercolor, ink, and more, but I really liked how they turned out!

Planet Princess Power!
I added the petals last with a thick marker! I also hate drawing FEET! Do they look okay here?

I’ve really been enjoying traditional art recently; it’s easier for me to pull out my paints and brushes than my tablet surprisingly. I feel like that’s opposite for most artists nowadays, but I’m in the market for a better digital tablet so I can make even MORE art! I have lots of new work accumulating, and I am also in the market for a new scanner to get some high quality scans of my physical pieces. So if anyone has any leads, let me know!

Workout Goals

Since April I decided to try out changing my diet and working out more. I have been trying to workout at least 3 times a week doing cardio and Pilates workouts in my living room. I also got my bike fixed up so I’ve been riding around my neighborhood when the weather is not too hot. There is a nice park near my place, and it’s super nice to ride around early in the morning.

However it’s really hard to workout when I have nowhere to go. My brain has no set schedule, so lately I’ve been skipping my morning workouts. My diet has also suffered. But no more!!

I was really inspired my Cassey Ho’s 90 day journey and I was waiting for her to release a new fitness journal that, when she announced that there was a new one in stock, I bought it immediately!

Blogilates “90 Day Journal” It’s so nicely designed!

If you didn’t know, I have been following Cassey Ho’s YouTube channel for years now, and I have some of her workout clothes too! Her workouts are killer, and I always feel sore after a couple videos. With this new fitness journal, I can better track my progress and keep myself accountable by recording what I’m eating, drinking, and doing for exercise. I’m hoping to shed some weight and tone up my muscles, along with generally feel better about the food I put in my body. I’m excited to start!

Check out the popflex website if you want to support a small business!

Skincare Goals

My skincare routine has always been important to me. My skin when I was a teen was terrible; I had lots of teenage acne, most of them being really painful, cystic acne. Now that I’m in my 20’s my skin has improved, but I still get breakouts every now and then, mostly around my cycle.

I think this is the first time I’ve posted my face on this blog. Hello!

Lately I’ve been watching more YouTube videos about skincare, and I have switched out a lot of products for ones that would better benefit my skin. As a teen, my skin was super oily and sensitive, but now it’s starting to feel more dry/combination. I don’t wash my face everyday because it gets too dry and flaky. I definitely have sensitive, acne-prone skin, so I switched to lots of gentle, fragrance-free products. I’ll show you what I’m using!

Some changes I’ve made: I used to not have a facial sunscreen, but I realized that it’s one of the most important skincare products out there to use, especially in the summer. I switched to a more gentle cleanser to use in the shower, and I really like this one by Cetaphil; it’s a sticky consistency, and it’s really helpful for when I workout cause it removes all that sweat & dirt without stripping the oil. I use the Squalene cleanser at night to remove makeup, or when I’ve been out & about. It’s also a gentle cleanser that doesn’t strip the skin. I’ve completely gotten rid of the “toner” step in my routine; it ended up being too stripping for my face, and it would allow for excess oil production, which I don’t want. Since my skin is more dry, I thought it would be best to skip this step altogether.

From left to right: Sun Bum Facial Sunscreen; Cetaphil Daily Face Cleanser; The Ordinary Squalene Cleanser for Makeup Removal; The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid; The Ordinary Plant-Based Squalene for Moisturizer; The Ordinary Rosehip Oil for more moisturizing.

I really like the Hyaluronic Acid by The Ordinary; it helps to seal in moisture from the air so that when I use my moisturizer, it lasts, and keeps my skin feeling good. My last step at night is to use the Rosehip Oil. Once a week I have been using this oil to massage my face for a long time to pull up oil plugs. If you don’t know what that means, it means to gently rub your face for a long period of time with oils to loosen up dirt and excess sebum. It’s really satisfying, and I find myself massaging for 20 minutes sometimes! But afterwards my skin feels so soft and squeaky clean.

I’m always looking for good skincare; it’s a habit since I was a teen to go through different brands to see which one works for me. I came across Athia Skin when they reached out to me to try their brand. So far I only bought their Retinol Night Cream and their Lash & Brow Serum and used them a few times. I really like the Retinol Cream; I’ve been wanting a retinol cream, and this is a pretty good one! So far I’ve noticed their products are formulated with fragrance, which is something I’ve been trying to avoid, but I’ll give their night cream kudos, I like it so far!

Athia Lash & Brow Growth Serum & Athia Retinol Night Cream Moisturizer

I got the Lash & Brow Serum because I have really thin eyebrows and wanted to see if this product could make a difference. So far… I’m not sure. First off, I wasn’t sure of the applicator; it’s a small, brush tip, which isn’t what I expected. I think a spoolie (mascara shaped wand) would’ve been a better choice to easily apply the product to the brows & lashes. Another thing is that the product was irritating! I applied this product at night and slept on it. When I woke up, my eyelids were itchy, and I had some small breakouts near my eye area.

The Lash & Brow Serum is a no go, but I really like the Retinol Cream, and I am eager to try more of their products. They’re a brand focused on active women, which is cool since I’ve upped my workouts!

If you want to try out Athia Skin, use my link to head to the website, and be sure to use the code SoftPeach for 15% off your purchase!!

New Stories

Along with new art, I’ve pulled out some older stories I made throughout college and been editing them to turn them into new stories. The first one that I’m really passionate about is under the working title, “Human Fish”. I already talked about this story in this post, but I made some steps to flesh out the story some more, and it’s currently in it’s heavy editing process where I take out parts I don’t like, and make sure the plot is working. Maybe someday I’ll make a post about how I structure my stories. Let me know if that’s something you want to see!

A sketch of our main character that I really like. You can tell I had fun drawing the hair.

Another story I have that I literally thought of this week is called “Soft Peach Club!”. The main idea is about a girl who is secretly a magical girl who wants to help other struggling girls realize their true potential by turning them into magical girls, otherwise giving them a pass into the “Soft Peach Club”. What this story has is still a mystery to me, but I think it’s a really cute idea that I want to pursue. I’ve always loved magical girls, and I have lots of designs for magical characters that have no story. So let’s see where this goes…?

Here’s a sneak peak of Soft Peach Club 🙂

That’s about it for this month. Tomorrow is August (what!!) and it’s probably a good idea to plan out what I want to do next month. Everything is still up in the air over here, so everyone please stay safe, wear a mask, and enjoy yourselves as much as you can! Talk to you soon!

<3 Allison

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New Listings on Etsy!

Happy Monday everyone! I have some new listings on my Etsy page that I’d like to share with you:

I have had some physical prints and comics on my page, but I’d like to start my shop fresh with some digital downloads for you!

One thing I really like to design is cute phone wallpapers. I had some listed on my Patreon page originally, but I would like to make these ones more available for everyone. For now, I have several phone wallpapers to choose from. They are formatted to fit any type of phone or iPad, and will look super cute too! I hope you check them out and enjoy <3

My Etsy, Soft Peach Designs, currently has 6 phone wallpapers to choose from, all under $5! If your phone is in need for some cute art, I might just have what you need.

I would like to know what you all think about these wallpapers! Let me know if you like what you see, and if you want to see more too!

Thanks for checking them out, and I’ll see you in the next post! <3


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One of my New Year’s resolutions was to draw everyday. I had gotten so rusty since December was a very demanding time of year at my day job. I would work for 9-10 hours, come home, eat whatever was around, and sleep. I’d wake up and do it all again. This was my life for about 3 weeks in December, but now that things have slowed down and I’m settling into a new workspace, I have lots of time to draw and hone my skills. 

 Starry girl! A new character that came with drawing everyday.

That’s why, for 2020, I am going to draw and post at least a sketch every single day on my instagram @alla_softpeach. I’ve started a hashtag called #366daysofsketching, and I will use it for every post I make. So far I’ve done well; there were a couple days where I was moving where I couldn’t post, but I’ve been very consistent otherwise. Sometimes I come home from work very tired, but I manage to doodle something in my sketchbook to show. 

Sold this as a print at Ohayocon, and people loved it!

Accountability has been the biggest motivator. I  have an obligation to post something for my followers to see, as they are awaiting a daily post from me. That has been very good for me since I don’t want to let them down and forget about my commitment. This system works well for me, so I would suggest artists out there who are struggling with drawing everyday because if life’s obligations to try using my hashtag. It may inspire you to make a commitment to your followers, and it may help you to gain more followers, if that’s your goal. Even if you just post a tiny sketch, like I’ve done a few times. 

A little Tokyo Mew Mew never hurt anyone, right?

Through sketching everyday, I’ve come up with new ideas and characters to create. I’m coming up with stories and new designs, and it feels like I’m back in art school again. I love it! 

Please follow my instagram if you would like to see my daily sketches. After I type this up I will be adding another one for today, so go ahead to go to my insta and wait for that post to pop up! 

Happy Sunday everyone! 

<3 Allison

Artist Alley! GDEX, and more.

What’s going on lately? It’s fall now officially. Mother Nature decided to catchup with everyone else. The past few weeks, I’ve been clocking in overtime hours at my job; apparently everyone wants to get married in October! Now that things have calmed down a little bit, I thought I’d share my thoughts on various conventions that I’ve applied to, have been to lately, and ones that I will be attending as an artist. 

Me at SPACE back in April. Remember?


This past weekend, I attended GDEX, an indie gaming convention that showcased game developers, artists, and had different gaming tournaments and panels going on too! My  boyfriend and I went together, and I enjoyed watching him try out the games there. He’s a big gamer himself, and I was really happy that he was able to go. I also played some games myself too! My favorite one was definitely a game called Collapsus. It’s a simple color and shape-matching puzzle game, but you can rotate your device to see new puzzle combinations. I thought it was a very unique game that makes use of a function of phone and tablet devices that not a lot of people take advantage of. I could’ve stayed there for the rest of the con just playing that game, honestly. 

Check out Collapsus here!

Their cute logo from the website

There were also lots of artists selling their work as well. I managed to buy a couple things and meet some new artists as well as some old friends from college. I’ve probably said it before, but I really love going to conventions! I always leave feeling so inspired!

My BIG List

On my Google Docs, I have a big list of conventions that I want to apply to. Each one has when and where it is, if their artist alley applications are open, and if I applied or not yet. The cons I have my eye on for 2020 are:

  • Ohayocon
  • Matsuricon
  • Indypopcon
  • the aforementioned GDEX

Currently, I have good news! I am currently schedule to show at Indypopcon in their Artist Alley, and I am on the waitlist for Ohayocon. Hooray! I am hoping to create completely new art for the two cons, and I want it to be my best work, since these are pretty big cons. I hope to write about my con prep experiences, and I would like to create a post on my tips for prepping for Artist Alleys as well. 

That’s about it for now. October is flying by, and I have lots of planning to do. Be on the lookout for any website updates in the future! 



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