Jazz Chapter 3 is Coming!

This is something that I thought I wouldn’t say. It’s looking like “Jazz” is making a comeback!

If you don’t know what “Jazz” is, it’s my first ever chaptered comic I started back in college. It’s the story of an active, headstrong girl named Jazz who discovers she has magical powers and fights demons at her high school. I made 2 chapters so far; “Warm Ups” and “High Kicks“. They were both an introduction into Jazz’s world. Once I finished these chapters, I had moved on to working on chapter 3.

I discuss more of what happened in this post, but the long and the short of it was that due to moving around and work, I spent too much time away from the project, and I had grown apart from it. I wasn’t liking how it was looking, and I had to make a ton of revisions to make the chapter work for me.

Now that I spent my summer and fall at home, I rediscovered a love for the story while cleaning out my art closet and looking through the script again. It made me want to work on the story more and more as I thought about it over the next couple of days. So after doing some revisions, I’m glad to say that “Chapter 3: Interception” is coming soon!

A few things to unpack with the cover: First off, Jazz is holding what looks like a different weapon, and she’s in a football field at night. Wonder what it could mean…?

Before my long hiatus, I created the cover of “Interception” and one more illustration. I had started making the pages, but I will be scrapping those pages and starting anew. Interception will actually be in 2 parts! The first creating the setup for the story, and the second part with more action and even a surprise! I won’t spoil anything right now, but I think you’ll like it.

Here’s a quick summary of “Jazz Chapter 3: Interception“:

“Homecoming has hit Peachstone High, and Jazz is looking forward to spending time with her friends at the Homecoming game. That is, if there is a game to go to! There’s another demon lurking around the football field, and it’s taken over Jazz’s new friend. After a surprise at the pep rally, will Jazz be able to overcome this demon and enjoy the last Homecoming game of her high school career?”

I’m hoping to be finished with this chapter by, let’s say, the end of May 2021. I’m giving myself a lot of time to work on it since I’m not sure what my working life will be like. I’ll do my best to update you on my progress, as always. If you would like to see those updates, I have an instagram for my comics called @soft_peach_comics. There’s a lot of Jazz content there, so please go and refresh yourself with Jazz’s story!

See you all in the next post! <3


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How to Survive Your First Global Pandemic: An Update from Alla & Soft Peach

What’s going on everyone? It’s almost August, and honestly it feels like March 301st. It’s a strange year, that’s for sure, but I’m trying to make the most out of my free time under unemployment. Some days feel more productive than others, but it’s all about taking it one day at a time, isn’t it?

New Art

I’ve been doing a lot of new art this month, and I thought I’d show it here for you! Two of them are redraws of some of my favorite pieces by Takeuchi-san, or Sailor Moon’s creator. They were mostly experimental pieces using watercolor, ink, and more, but I really liked how they turned out!

Planet Princess Power!
I added the petals last with a thick marker! I also hate drawing FEET! Do they look okay here?

I’ve really been enjoying traditional art recently; it’s easier for me to pull out my paints and brushes than my tablet surprisingly. I feel like that’s opposite for most artists nowadays, but I’m in the market for a better digital tablet so I can make even MORE art! I have lots of new work accumulating, and I am also in the market for a new scanner to get some high quality scans of my physical pieces. So if anyone has any leads, let me know!

Workout Goals

Since April I decided to try out changing my diet and working out more. I have been trying to workout at least 3 times a week doing cardio and Pilates workouts in my living room. I also got my bike fixed up so I’ve been riding around my neighborhood when the weather is not too hot. There is a nice park near my place, and it’s super nice to ride around early in the morning.

However it’s really hard to workout when I have nowhere to go. My brain has no set schedule, so lately I’ve been skipping my morning workouts. My diet has also suffered. But no more!!

I was really inspired by Cassey Ho’s 90 day journey and I was waiting for her to release a new fitness journal that, when she announced that there was a new one in stock, I bought it immediately!

Blogilates “90 Day Journal” It’s so nicely designed!

If you didn’t know, I have been following Cassey Ho’s YouTube channel for years now, and I have some of her workout clothes too! Her workouts are killer, and I always feel sore after a couple videos. With this new fitness journal, I can better track my progress and keep myself accountable by recording what I’m eating, drinking, and doing for exercise. I’m hoping to shed some weight and tone up my muscles, along with generally feel better about the food I put in my body. I’m excited to start!

Check out the popflex website if you want to support a small business!

Skincare Goals

My skincare routine has always been important to me. My skin when I was a teen was terrible; I had lots of teenage acne, most of them being really painful, cystic acne. Now that I’m in my 20’s my skin has improved, but I still get breakouts every now and then, mostly around my cycle.

I think this is the first time I’ve posted my face on this blog. Hello!

Lately I’ve been watching more YouTube videos about skincare, and I have switched out a lot of products for ones that would better benefit my skin. As a teen, my skin was super oily and sensitive, but now it’s starting to feel more dry/combination. I don’t wash my face everyday because it gets too dry and flaky. I definitely have sensitive, acne-prone skin, so I switched to lots of gentle, fragrance-free products. I’ll show you what I’m using!

Some changes I’ve made: I used to not have a facial sunscreen, but I realized that it’s one of the most important skincare products out there to use, especially in the summer. I switched to a more gentle cleanser to use in the shower, and I really like this one by Cetaphil; it’s a sticky consistency, and it’s really helpful for when I workout cause it removes all that sweat & dirt without stripping the oil. I use the Squalene cleanser at night to remove makeup, or when I’ve been out & about. It’s also a gentle cleanser that doesn’t strip the skin. I’ve completely gotten rid of the “toner” step in my routine; it ended up being too stripping for my face, and it would allow for excess oil production, which I don’t want. Since my skin is more dry, I thought it would be best to skip this step altogether.

From left to right: Sun Bum Facial Sunscreen; Cetaphil Daily Face Cleanser; The Ordinary Squalene Cleanser for Makeup Removal; The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid; The Ordinary Plant-Based Squalene for Moisturizer; The Ordinary Rosehip Oil for more moisturizing.

I really like the Hyaluronic Acid by The Ordinary; it helps to seal in moisture from the air so that when I use my moisturizer, it lasts, and keeps my skin feeling good. My last step at night is to use the Rosehip Oil. Once a week I have been using this oil to massage my face for a long time to pull up oil plugs. If you don’t know what that means, it means to gently rub your face for a long period of time with oils to loosen up dirt and excess sebum. It’s really satisfying, and I find myself massaging for 20 minutes sometimes! But afterwards my skin feels so soft and squeaky clean.

I’m always looking for good skincare; it’s a habit since I was a teen to go through different brands to see which one works for me. I came across Athia Skin when they reached out to me to try their brand. So far I only bought their Retinol Night Cream and their Lash & Brow Serum and used them a few times. I really like the Retinol Cream; I’ve been wanting a retinol cream, and this is a pretty good one! So far I’ve noticed their products are formulated with fragrance, which is something I’ve been trying to avoid, but I’ll give their night cream kudos, I like it so far!

Athia Lash & Brow Growth Serum & Athia Retinol Night Cream Moisturizer

I got the Lash & Brow Serum because I have really thin eyebrows and wanted to see if this product could make a difference. So far… I’m not sure. First off, I wasn’t sure of the applicator; it’s a small, brush tip, which isn’t what I expected. I think a spoolie (mascara shaped wand) would’ve been a better choice to easily apply the product to the brows & lashes. Another thing is that the product was irritating! I applied this product at night and slept on it. When I woke up, my eyelids were itchy, and I had some small breakouts near my eye area.

The Lash & Brow Serum is a no go, but I really like the Retinol Cream, and I am eager to try more of their products. They’re a brand focused on active women, which is cool since I’ve upped my workouts!

If you want to try out Athia Skin, use my link to head to the website, and be sure to use the code SoftPeach for 15% off your purchase!!

New Stories

Along with new art, I’ve pulled out some older stories I made throughout college and been editing them to turn them into new stories. The first one that I’m really passionate about is under the working title, “Human Fish”. I already talked about this story in this post, but I made some steps to flesh out the story some more, and it’s currently in it’s heavy editing process where I take out parts I don’t like, and make sure the plot is working. Maybe someday I’ll make a post about how I structure my stories. Let me know if that’s something you want to see!

A sketch of our main character that I really like. You can tell I had fun drawing the hair.

Another story I have that I literally thought of this week is called “Soft Peach Club!”. The main idea is about a girl who is secretly a magical girl who wants to help other struggling girls realize their true potential by turning them into magical girls, otherwise giving them a pass into the “Soft Peach Club”. What this story has is still a mystery to me, but I think it’s a really cute idea that I want to pursue. I’ve always loved magical girls, and I have lots of designs for magical characters that have no story. So let’s see where this goes…?

Here’s a sneak peak of Soft Peach Club 🙂

That’s about it for this month. Tomorrow is August (what!!) and it’s probably a good idea to plan out what I want to do next month. Everything is still up in the air over here, so everyone please stay safe, wear a mask, and enjoy yourselves as much as you can! Talk to you soon!

<3 Allison

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Stories to tell with Soft Peach Comics

Happy July! What craziness will happen in the world this month? My plan is to stay put and work on what I want. Hunkering down with my cat for the rest of the year is my 2020 plan for now. It’s been getting pretty hot where I am, I’ve been blasting my A/C. But enough about that! Let’s get on to the topic for today!

Sissy! My lovely cat.

If you didn’t know already, I love a good story. It’s been a dream since I was young to tell a fascinating story, whether it be in the form of a novel, comic, or animation.

Now that I started Soft Peach Comics, my vision is to tell all these stories I have in the form of comics. I started with “Jazz”, a story about a magical girl. But I would like to share with you all the potential ideas I have, and offer a small summary of each one. Maybe while I am remaining under quarantine, I will make a comic, who knows?


A VERY old drawing from 2014.

Tetarra is my oldest story that I started when I was 10 years old. It’s the story about a world where people have these magical powers that stem from the goddess they worship. There are 4 races in the world and they are based on each season. The Asui people are in tune with nature and live in forests and meadows; the Wutari people live near the water with some being mermaids; the Faiai people live in the mountains and draw power from the heat; and the Edi people have bird wings and live in the sky. An ancient battle against an evil force left huge scars on the world and pieces of history were lost in time. The people of this world start to grow uneasy as a new evil threatens to awaken as the story begins. The characters awaken new powers, travel the world, and change the course of history.

Over the past 15 years, this idea has changed the most out of all the stories I have. Some of the main points are the same, but the plot has changed a lot, and I still don’t have everything worked out! With this story, I have lots of ambitious goals. I would like to make it into a comic, either for print or web, and I would like to create animations for it based on key scenes.

Human Fish

While “Human Fish” may not be the final title, this is a story I wrote senior year of college. It was a short story about a young girl named Reba raised by a human father and a mermaid mother. She grows a mermaid tail later on, and struggles to find her place in life as a mermaid.

I’ve always loved mermaids, and I wanted to tell a story about one, so I created this character who I think many people can relate to. Reba is around 18-19 around an age where people older than her try to tell her what she should do. She has lots of influences in her family, some better than others, and she goes through some tough moments. I want to create her story in the form of an illustrative comic with lots of beach scenery and quiet moments.

The Dark Forest

A redraw of an older piece I created in 2017.

These two characters were created in college as part of a short story assignment. The little girl is a fairy who has yet to grow her wings. While her fairy siblings love sunshine, flowers and butterflies, she loves darkness, spiders, and thorns. She flees from her fairy kingdom because her wings don’t grow in time, so she explores the forbidden dark forest. She meets the spirit of the forest, who is this giant green creature.

I was inspired by these characters I created that I decided to make a short story about them. I would like to create a short comic about these two and their shenanigans in the dark forest, and I would love to explore both of their backstories and tell a captivating story with lots of character development.

These are the 3 main stories that I would like to expand upon in the future. I’ve had each of them for a number of years, and they have developed over time. I have an array of other story ideas under my belt, so I would like to develop those too! Storytelling is a big passion of mine; I feel very inspired whenever I watch a show or read a comic with a great story.

That’s about it for now! I’d like to get back into working on my stories. I pulled out the editing pens and copies of my outlines, and started making notes.

Also! I’ve been adding some items to my Etsy Shop, Soft Peach Designs! So if you’re interested in what I have to offer, please check it out. :3

Catch ya later! <3


“I Promise”: A Collab Comic With Poku

Happy Tuesday everyone! To be honest, it’s been pretty boring here stuck in my house. I have huge urge to go swimming at the beach or at a water park. I actually bought a few swimsuits for myself for when it’s safe to go swimming again. I’m still trying to exercise and eat better. While I have given into some bad cravings lately, I have been working out pretty well. I can tell that my body is getting stronger, which is awesome! I haven’t seen too many physical changes, but it’s not gonna stop me from trying on my new bikinis!

Anyways, I have a great project that I have been working on with my friend Jerry, aka “Poku”. I mentioned it a little bit in my post about Jazz, but my passion for Jazz has moved on to this new comic. If you’re interested in learning about “I Promise”, please read on!

Back in college, around 3 years ago, me and my good friend Jerry wanted to work on something together. We both majored in illustration and had a lot of the same classes together. He is big into manga, leaning more towards “shounen” themed manga and anime. Some of the big ones like “Soul Eater”, “Naruto”, and “My Hero Academia” are some of his inspirations. It’s all about action, thick, dark lines, and strong male characters.

I, on the other hand, lean more towards “shoujo” style of manga and anime. Stories like “Sailor Moon”, “Cardcaptor Sakura”, and “Wedding Peach” are some of my biggest inspirations. Over there it’s all about sparkly eyes, thin lines, and beautiful girls and boys in love. While our styles oppose each other, we both compliment each other very well in terms of working together on a story.

One day after classes, Jerry pitched a story to me about a slice of life, high school love story between two hopeful characters. The girl being an academic nerd obsessed with bugs, and the boy being moody with an affinity for playing the guitar. The story would follow these two falling in love, surviving high school, and making life-long friends along the way. I fell in love with the idea, and we ended up talking about the story all night, mostly him talking and me writing everything down. It was a pretty inspirational night.

Fast forward to now in 2020. Over the years of graduating college and moving around, Jerry and I couldn’t really find a time and place to work on the story, only mentioning it here and there every now and then. But now, it’s really starting to become a reality. As of right now, we have developed the characters more, named the town they live in, and a lot of the overarching themes and plot points that we want to happen. So here goes nothing:

“Meet Teo, a 15 year old boy new to Cicada Valley, a small town hours away from the big city. He moved here with his mom after a life-changing event split the family up. Soon Teo encounters a girl, an intelligent, bug loving girl with fiery red hair and falls for her. Hard. In chapter 1, Teo works with his new friend Luke to try and discover what her name is, only going off of her lost bug journal. This is the start of ‘I Promise'”.

I love this story so much, and Jerry and I have been having a great time working on it together. Our styles are very different; our biggest hurdle is going to be meshing our two styles together, but we want this comic to become real. One of the things I love most about “I Promise” is that it takes place in the early 2010’s when we were in high school, so we’re drawing from our own experiences with teenage life and applying it to the story. Everything about cringe-y first romances, old cellphones with actual keyboards, and a young social media. It’s been heart-warming listening to Jerry’s high school experiences, and sharing my own with him. It’s a story that we can really relate to, and we hope that others our age can relate as well.

If you want to hear more about the progress of “I Promise”, please follow me and Jerry on Instagram. We will be posting some sketches here and there, and I’ll be sure to update the blog about progress we make along the way. We don’t have a deadline for this comic, so don’t expect daily posts!

Thanks for reading our passion project, I hope you are looking forward to the birth of a new story like we are. See you soon with a new post! <3

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Where’s Chapter 3 of “Jazz”?

How is everyone doing? I hope you all are safe out there. It’s scary times right now, but I’ve been safe at home, trying to keep up with the news. It’s been depressing, to say the least.

I took a little time to process the news, and I actually didn’t make any art for a while. Honestly it’s been very hard to stick to a routine lately. BUT! In the meantime, I have been working on new projects, along with a couple new pieces! I have some more ideas of new blog posts to make as well as more projects to talk about, but I’d like to talk about the future of “Jazz” first.

If you don’t know, I started a comic called “Jazz” about two years ago. It currently has two chapters now, which I’ve promoted and sold at conventions (which are super fun and I miss!!). Several months ago, I started production on chapter 3, which is called “Interception”. I had lots of fun working on it. As I moved to a new place, and started to be content with my new workspace, I started working on new projects. At the same time, I was caught up with my day job. I worked at an entertainment venue where I spent about 40 hours a week there. At this point, I has completely stopped working on Jazz, not having the time or energy to work on it.
Once the pandemic got worse and worse, I quickly lost my job, laid off in mid March. While this gave me more time to work on what I wanted, I found that I no longer had the same drive and passion to continue Jazz’s story as I did several months prior. There were a lot of changes I wanted to make with Jazz’s universe that I wasn’t prepared for. I has originally planned for Jazz to be a one off short story. I realized, while making chapter 1, that her story would be much more expansive.

I sat down and looked at the progress I had made with chapter 3 so far. It looked decent, but nothing I wanted to finish up and publish. I feel kind of bad, since I created a whole instagram for showing off the story progress, and promised that I would continue her story. But this project was bigger than I wanted it to be.
For now, I will sadly leave “Jazz” where it is for now. I can’t continue her story without the same passion I had for it. If I rush through it, it will not be at the standard that I want to show you all. I hope you all understand, and continue following me during this artistic journey.
I have much more art and stories to tell you about! My passion has moved to another project that I am happily working on with my good friend Poku (@poku_art on instagram). We had this idea for the longest time to make a comic together, even before “Jazz“, and right now it’s starting to come to fruition. I won’t say too much now, but we have been having a lot of fun working on it together, even over discord and messenger chat.

Someday, I’d like to return to Jazz, maybe I’ll continue where I left off, or I’ll start all over, who knows? The thing I want the most is to not burn out on whatever project I’m working on. And, due to a bunch of circumstances, I knew that if I worked on “Jazz” in the state it was in, I was gonna burn out. Again, I hope you all understand.

The world has gotten pretty uncertain lately, so I put a link on my linktree account for some resources to help. I imagine lots of others on Twitter have posted the exact same thing, but it doesn’t hurt to spread it around, right? Click here for that!

My links! The first link will send you to some helpful resources.

Thanks for reading, and I hope to write soon about some art/life updates! Everyone stay safe. <3

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Soft Peach Comics… what’s next?

Time for an update, huh? What have I been up to?

If you haven’t noticed, Alla’s Art Story is solely known as Soft Peach now!

I have had an interesting few weeks. I’ve been taking some time to see my family, my friends and my partner. I have also been very good about working on Soft Peach. I am creating a schedule for myself, taking time to work on what’s important to me. It’s very rewarding to check things off my list.

I will soon be transitioning to a new job in mid-August. It will be a full-time event planning gig where I’ll be able to be more comfortable financially, and be able to do something I find very fun. Event planning is one of my favorite things to do, and I hope the adjustment period is as smooth as it can be.

Wish me luck on this career change!

To change the subject, I have a list of goals I would like to share with you. I always love thinking about the future. As a 24 year old, I have a lot to look forward to. So, if I may, let’s take a look:

1. Buy a House

I’ll never be able to buy a house this nice, but a girl can dream right? Photo from Pinterest (Linda Ruderman Interiors Inc) deringhall.com

Why does it seem like it was easier to buy a house 30 years ago? Student loans were a lot more manageable; people could easily find quick service-type jobs to be able to make it through college, and it was much easier to take out a loan than it is today. I could get political, as a POC millennial, but I’d rather just try to work towards this seemingly impossible goal. I won’t talk numbers, but I am nowhere near able to save up for a house right now, let alone a car, but I would love to own my own land as soon as I can. Rent can eat up income, and to me, rent is not worth the expense if I don’t own the place. If I could take my money towards a mortgage, while owning my own land, it would make me a happy camper. To expand on this goal, I want to be able to rent out the house I buy someday, maybe within 10 or 15 years, and buy an even nicer house. According to my partner, renting out houses is where the money is, and I would love to be able to provide someone a home.

2. Attend and be apart of more conventions around the country

I LOVE going to conventions, especially comics, anime, and art conventions. The atmosphere is so inspiring to me. I have a big list of conventions I would like to go to, some are in places I may want to live in someday. I have only been in Artist Alley conventions a couple times so far, and it’s very interesting to see what people gravitate towards in my art collection, seeing what sells, and what people point to. If I had expendable income, I would try and support every artist at cons because usually the art I see at cons is some of the best I’ve seen. There are so many talented artists out there!

Some conventions that I have my eye on are:





Anime Expo (only in my wildest dreams)



Among others; there are so many cons it’s crazy! I want a full year where I do nothing but show at cons. Wouldn’t that be just amazing?!

3. Continue Soft Peach Comics self-publishing

Screen Shot 2018-06-01 at 11.40.18 AM
older mockup of the logo. Hand drawn too 🙂

If you all have been very nice and kept up with my comics Instagram, @soft_peach_comics, you’ll see that I am very slowly starting the process of the next chapter of my comic, “Jazz”. This one will be a doozy; at about 41 pages, it’ll be the longest chapter for sure!

If you are unfamiliar with Soft Peach Comics, it is my self-publishing company where I get to tell my own stories. It started in 2017 with “Jazz”, my magical girl-inspired story that I came up with during my days in college. My dream is to have tons of stories created by me under Soft Peach Comics. I have so many ideas I would like to see in comic form, so please stick around if you’re interested in what stories I want to tell. Because I am not stopping anytime soon!

4. Open a resource studio for comic artists and illustrators in Columbus

Maybe one of my biggest, most out there dreams of mine. This topic will be covered in a separate blog post; I want to dedicate some time writing about this one. So please be on the lookout for that.

If you enjoy reading my blog posts, please let me know! I really like sharing my life updates with you, and sharing things I like too. Please stay tuned for more updates!