A Look Into My Blacktober Pieces | How am I Doing?

I’m having a lot of fun with Inktober this year!

If you didn’t know, Inktober is a fun challenge that artists participate in where you draw one ink drawing everyday in the month of October. It had evolved greatly over the years, and artists have taken their own creative spin on it and come up with fun alternatives. One that has been very prominent this year is Blacktober, which I’m doing!

Blacktober is a celebration of black artists by showcasing their work by using this tag on social media. There is an official prompt list created on Twitter, but I created my own prompt list. This is my second time creating a prompt list for Inktober, and I really like this one! I am drawing some of my favorite female characters with beautiful dark skin.

So far I’ve done 20 drawings this month, and I haven’t missed a day! I’m really enjoying the process of drawing the sketch, and finishing it up with inks, Copic markers, and brush pens. My daily routine has been getting up early, finishing my piece, and posting it on social media.

My most recent Blacktober piece!

If you want to see the drawings I’ve done for Blacktober, please check out the Blacktober 2020 Archive page on my site! I’ll be archiving the drawings there so after this month, you can see them all in one place. I am also posting everyday on Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok!

I made a process video of a couple of Blacktober pieces. One of Cardcaptor Sakura, and the other one of Katara! These ones turned out great! If you want to see them, please click below…

Subscribe to get access

Subscribe today to see a couple process videos!

This is my first time using the Premium Content function in this website. Let me know if you are able to access those process videos, and if it’s working well! I would like to add more things in there like more process vids, sneak peaks on upcoming projects, and more.

There’s only a week or so left of Blacktober, and I’m proud of myself for sticking to it so well! I’m really liking the pieces that are coming out of it, and I would like to choose my favorite ones, touch them up, and list them on my Etsy. I’m also liking how my Instagram feed is looking! So nice and consistent… 🙂

As for when Blacktober is over, I have some ideas on new content that I want to do, firstly, I would like to do my first Draw This in Your Style Challenge! If you don’t know what that is, it’s when an artist draws a character and their followers, fellow artists, draw the same character in their style! It’s a trend that started a few years ago, and I think it’s a really neat idea! I’m also working on some new products for my Etsy shop, mostly holiday-themed stickers and prints! And of course, I’ll be working on Chapter 3 of Jazz too.

I’m really looking forward to this holiday season. I have two jobs now, so I will most likely get busy around Christmas time, but I have lots of projects I’m working on that should be really fun! I have a good feeling about the end of the year going into 2021. This year was so strange, so I’m ready for some good energy!

That’s about all for this post! Please be on the lookout for new content from me!


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What’s in my $1,000 PC?

What’s going on everyone? It’s October, and I am thinking about adding some Autumn related decorations to my house. I already got some pumpkins and plants as décor, but I can always use more!

Anyways, I wanted to make a post about the things I have for my PC. If you didn’t know already, I finally upgraded from my small MacBook pro that I used in college to a nice, reliable desktop computer that I built myself back in February. Since then, I have been using it pretty heavily, and I have added some extras that I thought would be interesting to share.

The machine. It was really fun and easy to build, actually.

Here’s a list of tech stuff I purchased for my $1,000 PC!

First off, the main components of my PC are the processor, motherboard, graphics card, ram, and hard drives. They all fit snuggly in my large standing case. Here are the specifics:

Processor: AMD Ryzen 7 2700x
Graphics Card: GTX 1660
Hard Drives: 2TB Mechanical Hard Drive (for file storage), and a 500 GB m.2 drive (for Windows 10 software)
Memory: 16GB Ram
Motherboard: Aorus B450 Pro Wifi
Case: Corsair Spec02 ATX Case
Software: Windows 10

The employees at my local Micro Center were very helpful in choosing the parts for me based on my needs, and I purchased all my pieces in the store and built the PC that night. It was really fun and surprisingly easier than I thought! I also got my monitor from Micro Center too, which is a 27″ Acer monitor. The monitor was the most expensive part to the whole build. I actually went slightly over budget, but the pieces I got are definitely worth it. If you’re looking to build a PC and you’re not sure where to start, I highly suggest watching some YouTube videos on the subject! Like I said in this post, I watched a lot of Paul’s Hardware for this.

Some other main pieces of the build were a mouse and keyboard, which I bought as a combo for $10, which makes it the cheapest part of the build! I didn’t need a super fancy keyboard and mouse anyways, so I went cheap on that. I still have the same mouse, but I did get my keyboard replaced with a Hyper X mechanical keyboard that was given to me.

Like I said before, I bought my 27″ monitor that day, but I originally wanted a dual monitor set up. To mimic this for the time being, I use my television as a second monitor. I have my desk and TV very close to each other so that an HDMI cord can reach. It’s mostly used when I want to watch videos and work at the same time (like right now!). Eventually I’d like to upgrade my monitor set up by getting an Artist’s Display 15.6 Pro by XP Pen. This way, I could have 2 monitors, and the second monitor can double as a drawing tablet!

Speaking of art-related things, I have some software and gadgets I use for making art. First is my Wacom Tablet that I have from college. I have the Intuos Pro Small version, and I like it. It’s my only product that I use wirelessly, but I would definitely like to upgrade this soon. I was spoiled back in college with Cintiques, and now I really want to get that again.

The Wacom is mapped to my Acer monitor, but I use it upside down because of my left-handedness.

I have a printer as well. It’s the Canon MP250 that I purchased for $30 from someone I know from college. All I needed to buy was the cords, and it was ready to go!

This printer also doubles as a scanner, which is nice. I use the scanner a lot when I ink drawings and color them digitally. I plan on updating this printer eventually because I would like to have higher quality prints and scans to work with. It’s the reason why I don’t have too many prints in my Etsy shop; the print quality isn’t to my standards. It’s a good starter printer though, and I would most likely sell it to another artist in need when I upgrade.

I had to install software for this scanner in order to use it with this PC, so keep that in mind.

For audio/video purposes, I have many add-ons. I bought my speakers from Amazon, and they work very well! They hook in with USB, and look nice side by side with my monitor in the middle. For headphones, I really wanted to get a big upgrade, so I made an impulse buy and purchased the Razer Rose Quartz headphones. The buy was totally worth it, cause I LOVE these headphones! I didn’t get the version with the light up kitty ears (what was I thinking??), however, these headphones work very well for me.

Cute, right?

Maybe someday I’ll get the kitty ears ones, but for now I’m very happy with these. Oh, and also! These headphones come with a built-in microphone! I use it a lot when I’m talking over discord with my friends. They could tell a big improvement with my sound quality, so that’s great too.

Back in 2015, I made a couple YouTube videos, and wanted to take it further, so I bought a Blue Snowball microphone. I still have it today, and I use it from time to time. It’s a pretty decent mic, however it takes up a lot of space, and I don’t have much of that on my little Ikea desk. I have been thinking about getting into YouTube again, so who knows? Maybe I’ll use my Blue Snowball more.

I have a webcam that I got off of Amazon as well. I haven’t used it as much because I just purchased it, but I do plan on using it for discord and possibly YouTube and Twitch as well.

Lastly, I have a gaming controller that I bought specifically for my PC. Like the speakers, it plugs in via USB, and is a pretty good controller. I’m not a big fan of playing games with mouse and keyboard, as I grew up with consoles, so I feel more comfortable with a controller in my hand. Unless I’m playing the Sims of course.

Anyone play Genshin Impact?

Next, I’ll list the software I use with my PC. As you can see, I mostly use my PC for art, gaming, and creating content.

Steam (playing games like EDF, Sonic, Oddworld, etc)
Epic Games (for playing GTA V)
Origin (Sims 2 & 4 launcher)
Discord (connecting with friends and streaming)
Adobe Creative Cloud (I mostly use Photoshop and InDesign to create art and layout comics)
AMCap (Webcam Software)
Canon MP Software (for scanning)
Audacity (any audio needs)
OBS (recording and streaming)
iTunes (Apple Music) (am I the only person that uses Apple Music??)

That’s about it for this post! I hope you found it useful if you’re looking to upgrade your computer setup. I love my PC, and I don’t know how I survived on my small, 13″ MacBook Pro for so long! Also, while I did buy the main components of my PC all together, a lot of the smaller stuff I had already, was given to me, or I got secondhand. It’s all about collecting and saving your money to get what you want for your PC, and it doesn’t have to be perfect right away. I would love to add many new upgrades and gadgets when I’m able, so in the future, I can show you all the sweet new upgrades as they come in!

There will be another blog post very soon about the supplies I use for art, so please look forward to that!

One more thing!! If you are interested in exclusive content from me, I am going to start creating premium content for you! If you are able to, press the pretty button below to subscribe for the exclusive content that I will be adding! I’m still working through what I want to show you there, but it will be behind the scenes looks on projects I’m working on that I wouldn’t show publicly, some art, and maybe even some video content! If that’s something you’re interested in, please let me know, and consider subscribing to that! For now I just have one payment plan of $5/month, and under that, I would like to have at least 2 exclusive posts per month. Eventually if it takes off, I’d like to add more plans, so please stay tuned!

See you soon with another post!


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Big Etsy Shop Update! New Items, Prints, and Illustrations!

I have lots of new items listed in my Etsy shop, Soft Peach Designs!

These are some of the original pieces I listed for sale. I really like them a lot, so it’s hard to part with them! But I think they’re deserving of a new home.

I’ve also listed some prints that I have been saving for conventions this year, but since they were all cancelled, time to list them! These are some of my favorite pieces I’ve made over the last two years or so, and I want to make more like it for you!

I really enjoy working on my Etsy shop; I like to see what people gravitate towards, and see what kinds of things other artists are selling on their shops. At first I wanted to just focus on digital downloads, but I think it’s more fun to do physical orders. I can personalize each one, and I can write handwritten notes of thanks to my buyers! If you want to see my shop, please look up Soft Peach Designs on Etsy, or click this link! –> RIGHT HERE! It would really mean a lot if you were to purchase something; anything helps, since right now art is my only income at the moment. But if you can’t support, please share my shop with a friend!

That’s about it for now; honestly I haven’t been in the mood to write, so much of my focus has gone to drawing and creating. We have also been in lots of talk and conversation about my business ideas. I was recently inspired by my boyfriend and his words of encouragement. So if you’re interested in what my business idea is, please check out this blog post and this one. I go more in depth with the original ideas I had.

I hope everyone that’s in school right now is doing okay. I feel for you all who are starting school in this new, strange way, so I’m sending you all good vibes! Good luck!!


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“I Promise”: A Collab Comic With Poku

Happy Tuesday everyone! To be honest, it’s been pretty boring here stuck in my house. I have huge urge to go swimming at the beach or at a water park. I actually bought a few swimsuits for myself for when it’s safe to go swimming again. I’m still trying to exercise and eat better. While I have given into some bad cravings lately, I have been working out pretty well. I can tell that my body is getting stronger, which is awesome! I haven’t seen too many physical changes, but it’s not gonna stop me from trying on my new bikinis!

Anyways, I have a great project that I have been working on with my friend Jerry, aka “Poku”. I mentioned it a little bit in my post about Jazz, but my passion for Jazz has moved on to this new comic. If you’re interested in learning about “I Promise”, please read on!

Back in college, around 3 years ago, me and my good friend Jerry wanted to work on something together. We both majored in illustration and had a lot of the same classes together. He is big into manga, leaning more towards “shounen” themed manga and anime. Some of the big ones like “Soul Eater”, “Naruto”, and “My Hero Academia” are some of his inspirations. It’s all about action, thick, dark lines, and strong male characters.

I, on the other hand, lean more towards “shoujo” style of manga and anime. Stories like “Sailor Moon”, “Cardcaptor Sakura”, and “Wedding Peach” are some of my biggest inspirations. Over there it’s all about sparkly eyes, thin lines, and beautiful girls and boys in love. While our styles oppose each other, we both compliment each other very well in terms of working together on a story.

One day after classes, Jerry pitched a story to me about a slice of life, high school love story between two hopeful characters. The girl being an academic nerd obsessed with bugs, and the boy being moody with an affinity for playing the guitar. The story would follow these two falling in love, surviving high school, and making life-long friends along the way. I fell in love with the idea, and we ended up talking about the story all night, mostly him talking and me writing everything down. It was a pretty inspirational night.

Fast forward to now in 2020. Over the years of graduating college and moving around, Jerry and I couldn’t really find a time and place to work on the story, only mentioning it here and there every now and then. But now, it’s really starting to become a reality. As of right now, we have developed the characters more, named the town they live in, and a lot of the overarching themes and plot points that we want to happen. So here goes nothing:

“Meet Teo, a 15 year old boy new to Cicada Valley, a small town hours away from the big city. He moved here with his mom after a life-changing event split the family up. Soon Teo encounters a girl, an intelligent, bug loving girl with fiery red hair and falls for her. Hard. In chapter 1, Teo works with his new friend Luke to try and discover what her name is, only going off of her lost bug journal. This is the start of ‘I Promise'”.

I love this story so much, and Jerry and I have been having a great time working on it together. Our styles are very different; our biggest hurdle is going to be meshing our two styles together, but we want this comic to become real. One of the things I love most about “I Promise” is that it takes place in the early 2010’s when we were in high school, so we’re drawing from our own experiences with teenage life and applying it to the story. Everything about cringe-y first romances, old cellphones with actual keyboards, and a young social media. It’s been heart-warming listening to Jerry’s high school experiences, and sharing my own with him. It’s a story that we can really relate to, and we hope that others our age can relate as well.

If you want to hear more about the progress of “I Promise”, please follow me and Jerry on Instagram. We will be posting some sketches here and there, and I’ll be sure to update the blog about progress we make along the way. We don’t have a deadline for this comic, so don’t expect daily posts!

Thanks for reading our passion project, I hope you are looking forward to the birth of a new story like we are. See you soon with a new post! <3

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Studio Picnic! Updates, Ideas, and More

How’s it going everyone? Lately I’ve been feeling slightly uninspired, but have perked up a bit! I revived my Etsy page recently, and I am working on some unfinished art pieces too. While this year has been the year of uncertainty and unrest, I’m trying to make the most of my time, and focus on my goals. I have lots of avenues where I’m sharing my art around, and I hope to continue building my following too! Please read on if you are interested in my updates regarding Studio Picnic…

If you haven’t heard, I had an idea for over a year now that I talked about in this blog post.

Studio Picnic is going to be a resource space for comic artists, illustrators and animators in the Columbus area to help them grow their ideas. My vision is to have a spacious area filled with resources for artists to use and rent out. If you are a part of the Facebook group I created a while ago, you might have seen I haven’t posted on there in a very long time. The main reason was because the first half of the year was so crazy. While I don’t necessarily plan on posting there for a while, I have been continuing the conversation with my friends and peers about my business idea both in person and online, and I always feel so inspired when my friends express interest in the venture. Here’s what I’ve been up to:

I have to print everything out. Physical copies!
  1. First I’ve been looking around my city for areas that I think Studio Picnic would be located. My main choice would be the downtown area, where me and most new artists tend to stay. I actually printed out some locations that I really liked that were available. While I’m nowhere near able to purchase any of these locations, I loved looking around and seeing what my options are. I’m getting an idea of what I want from a communal office space, and all the research I’ve been doing is giving me lots of inspiration!
  2. I started a new savings account specifically to help build funds for Studio Picnic. I’m actually using an app called Digit, which takes a little bit of money from your bank account every time you spend your cash. With Digit, I am able to make separate accounts too, one for a general emergency fund, one that is able to help pay off credit cards or any other debt, and of course, I have one for Studio Picnic. I was able to prioritize the Studio Picnic savings account, and when Digit takes money out, it will put more into that account. So far, since March, I’ve already saved over $500 dollars overall.
  3. I wrote my business plan several months ago, but I am planning on pitching it to more people. I’ve already shown it around to my friends, but I’d like to start proposing it to people outside my bubble as well. There are a few resources that I am looking into to pitch my idea.
  4. Once I have more support for Studio Picnic, I will look into starting an indiegogo page for it! That will probably be more down the line, once things start calming down and when I am able to host Studio Picnic-related events and fundraisers.
  5. As I spent a whole week thinking about the potentials of Studio Picnic, and how the business would be run, I thought of different projects that I had on the table, and I started developing a new dream job: becoming an art director/creative director where Studio Picnic would produce things like comics, films, and whatever else comes to me. I’m actually heavily inspired by the Game Grumps studio in LA; they’re a YouTube channel that does Let’s Plays, but they also have produced their own video game, have gone on tours, and hosted many different types of content on YouTube. While they’re a little bit different, their whole laid-back mentality and easygoing work style is very inspiring to me.

Whenever I talk about Studio Picnic, whether on this blog, or with other people, I get really excited and I can’t stop thinking about it. It makes me believe that this is what I have to do. I look forward to the day when I am able to purchase a space and just see the potential of the space in front of me: A place for artists to produce and create. I hope that day comes sooner than later!

For now, I will continue to build up this business idea. I have lots of research and learning to do, and I hope that you all will continue to support my artistic dreams! Thanks for reading, see you in the next post!

<3 Allison

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New Listings on Etsy!

Happy Monday everyone! I have some new listings on my Etsy page that I’d like to share with you:

I have had some physical prints and comics on my page, but I’d like to start my shop fresh with some digital downloads for you!

One thing I really like to design is cute phone wallpapers. I had some listed on my Patreon page originally, but I would like to make these ones more available for everyone. For now, I have several phone wallpapers to choose from. They are formatted to fit any type of phone or iPad, and will look super cute too! I hope you check them out and enjoy <3

My Etsy, Soft Peach Designs, currently has 6 phone wallpapers to choose from, all under $5! If your phone is in need for some cute art, I might just have what you need.

I would like to know what you all think about these wallpapers! Let me know if you like what you see, and if you want to see more too!

Thanks for checking them out, and I’ll see you in the next post! <3


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Where’s Chapter 3 of “Jazz”?

How is everyone doing? I hope you all are safe out there. It’s scary times right now, but I’ve been safe at home, trying to keep up with the news. It’s been depressing, to say the least.

I took a little time to process the news, and I actually didn’t make any art for a while. Honestly it’s been very hard to stick to a routine lately. BUT! In the meantime, I have been working on new projects, along with a couple new pieces! I have some more ideas of new blog posts to make as well as more projects to talk about, but I’d like to talk about the future of “Jazz” first.

If you don’t know, I started a comic called “Jazz” about two years ago. It currently has two chapters now, which I’ve promoted and sold at conventions (which are super fun and I miss!!). Several months ago, I started production on chapter 3, which is called “Interception”. I had lots of fun working on it. As I moved to a new place, and started to be content with my new workspace, I started working on new projects. At the same time, I was caught up with my day job. I worked at an entertainment venue where I spent about 40 hours a week there. At this point, I has completely stopped working on Jazz, not having the time or energy to work on it.
Once the pandemic got worse and worse, I quickly lost my job, laid off in mid March. While this gave me more time to work on what I wanted, I found that I no longer had the same drive and passion to continue Jazz’s story as I did several months prior. There were a lot of changes I wanted to make with Jazz’s universe that I wasn’t prepared for. I has originally planned for Jazz to be a one off short story. I realized, while making chapter 1, that her story would be much more expansive.

I sat down and looked at the progress I had made with chapter 3 so far. It looked decent, but nothing I wanted to finish up and publish. I feel kind of bad, since I created a whole instagram for showing off the story progress, and promised that I would continue her story. But this project was bigger than I wanted it to be.
For now, I will sadly leave “Jazz” where it is for now. I can’t continue her story without the same passion I had for it. If I rush through it, it will not be at the standard that I want to show you all. I hope you all understand, and continue following me during this artistic journey.
I have much more art and stories to tell you about! My passion has moved to another project that I am happily working on with my good friend Poku (@poku_art on instagram). We had this idea for the longest time to make a comic together, even before “Jazz“, and right now it’s starting to come to fruition. I won’t say too much now, but we have been having a lot of fun working on it together, even over discord and messenger chat.

Someday, I’d like to return to Jazz, maybe I’ll continue where I left off, or I’ll start all over, who knows? The thing I want the most is to not burn out on whatever project I’m working on. And, due to a bunch of circumstances, I knew that if I worked on “Jazz” in the state it was in, I was gonna burn out. Again, I hope you all understand.

The world has gotten pretty uncertain lately, so I put a link on my linktree account for some resources to help. I imagine lots of others on Twitter have posted the exact same thing, but it doesn’t hurt to spread it around, right? Click here for that!

My links! The first link will send you to some helpful resources.

Thanks for reading, and I hope to write soon about some art/life updates! Everyone stay safe. <3

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I’m Bored During Quarantine: Let’s Try out a Lifestyle Change

My workout calendar from Blogilates.com.

While I’ve been mostly staying at home, only going out to the grocery once a week, I’ve been feeling more and more lethargic as the days go on. The weeks after I lost my job I basically played video games, drew, ate junk food, and slept a lot. There wasn’t much to do, so I took time to relax, working on a few commissions here and there.

I could tell my body wasn’t really feeling very good. Some days I would use Doordash and eat way too much Wendy’s and get candy from GoPuff. I was sugared out, and I wasn’t moving around as much as I was like when I was working.

As April went by, I decided since I wasn’t really going anywhere, I should probably try and do something I haven’t done in a while. So I made a few changes to my diet, and started following a workout calendar! I was tired of feeling lethargic and overeating junk food, and I knew that I had gained weight. When I weighed in, it was a little… shocking! I was the heaviest I’ve ever been at 180 pounds. When I saw the number, it motivated me even more to try and get in shape and work towards a healthier lifestyle.

Here’s what I’ve been doing to start my little fitness journey:

1: Following Blogilates workouts

Blogilates is a series of fitness videos on YouTube run by Cassey Ho, a Pilates instructor I’ve been following since 2013! She’s an amazing instructor who is very motivating and cheerful, even behind a screen! I am following her beginner’s workout calendar to ease back into her workouts and get stronger. She has lots of different workout plans on her website, blogilates.com, and after I finish this one, I will move on to her PIIT28 workout, which is more intense! There’s actually a discount on her site for the PIIT28 workout if you all want to get on it while it lasts. Be sure to check it out if you want.

Even though it’s the beginning calendar, it’s still pretty tough! I’m in a constant state of soreness as my muscles are waking up and getting used to working out again. But I know that I am getting stronger, and I’ll be able to push myself more and do more advanced moves in the future.

2. Changing my Diet, but also Listening to my Body

One thing that lots of people struggle with when losing weight is changing their diets. While I’m not “going on a diet”, I am changing my eating habits and watching what I eat instead. Because once I get to my goal weight and size the “diet” is not over. I want to be able to incorporate these new eating habits for the long run. So things I’ve cut out completely for now is soda, candy, excess breads, and excess sugars. I have added in more vegetables and protein to my diet. Some things I’ve been eating are bell peppers and hummus, salads, smoothies, and steamed vegetables. One thing I’ve changed that’s been a little more difficult, but fun, is listening to my body, and recognizing when I’m full. I would tend to overeat a lot, and be way too full and bloated the next day. But now when I eat, I make sure to portion out my food so I don’t eat too much, and stop eating when I feel full.

That being said, I also listen to my body when I have cravings. When I want Nutella and toast, I’ll have it. When I crave Raising Cane’s, I’ll have it. When I have dinner and I still feel hungry, I’ll eat more. I don’t restrict myself too much. If I do indulge a little more, I can just balance it out by working out a little more or eating better the next day. That’s why I don’t like “diets”. I like to give my body what it needs.

3. Monitoring my weight and setting loose goals

I bought a couple things for my fitness journey: first a scale so I could actually weigh myself. Every morning after I workout and shower, I’ve been weighing myself. Now some people might not like weighing themselves everyday, but I’m doing it mostly out of curiosity and making sure I’m on track. It’s only been a week and a half, but I’ve lost 5 pounds! I am also measuring myself periodically to track that as well. Some people like writing down their weight and measurements as well as what they’re eating, but I haven’t been doing that. I feel like if I start doing that, I’ll get too obsessive with it. I may start doing it if I plateau though. But I do have a goal weight and a dream weight in mind. I’m not too worried about making those goals, and more focused on how I’m feeling everyday.

Some other things I bought is some more workout clothes and a waist trainer. The waist trainer was something I wanted to try out because I’ve seen that it helps with posture and helps you retain more heat when working out, and so far I like it! I don’t wear it as long as people say to wear it, mostly because I feel like it could get too damaging, but I like wearing it while I workout and for a couple hours while I sit at my desk. In fact, I’m wearing it right now!

4. Water!!!

Drinking water is very important just in general. And I’m making sure that I am drinking the proper amount everyday. I heard that if your urine looks like lime juice, then you’re hydrated! Kinda icky, but it’s a good indicator! I always keep a bottle full of water on my desk, and right now I have a ritual every morning where I fill my bottle up, turn on my fans, and get my workout in for the day. It’s really great! Water is pretty much the only thing I’m drinking right now, but I hear green tea is also very good to have as well. I am waiting on a blender to come in the mail, so soon I will have post-workout smoothies!

These are things I’ve been doing to jump start a healthy lifestyle. After this lock down is over and life starts to look normal again, I’d like to join a gym and workout there as well. I would also like to fix up my bike and go bike riding, and buy some other things like tennis balls and jump ropes. This summer, ya girl is gonna be fit! I’ll be sure to update you on my progress.

My goal weight is 150 pounds, but my dream weight would be to get down to 135 pounds. I also want to refine that hourglass shape that I have; get that Tinkerbell body, you know what I mean?

What a cutie <3 I was Tinkerbell for Halloween last year!

Again, these are loose goals that I have; I’m mostly doing this fitness journey to feel better and to fit clothes better. Once I hit my goals, my plan is to keep up my healthy lifestyle forever! We only have this body, might as well treat her right, you know?

If you out there feel like doing something to pass the time during quarantine, I suggest doing some at-home workouts! Since doing this I feel way more energetic, I’ve been waking up earlier, and feeling more productive throughout the day. It’s kind of amazing!

Everyone stay safe out there! Take care and I’ll write more soon <3


I Got Laid off Because of the Corona Virus; Now What?

What a turn this has been. Yesterday I received a call from my workplace saying that my job has ended due to the workplace closing. I lamented about the loss of my main source of income, I sat at my computer, wondering what to do. I was set to come into work the next day, ready to hear what craziness was going on outside of work, hoping nothing escalates further to the point of my job being on the line. Turns out things escalated very, very quickly, and after my phone call, I filed for unemployment.

I now sit in my home, keeping up with the news and social distancing as much as I can. I find myself with much more time on my hands, so I spent my first day of unemployment creating art, playing video games, and petting my cat. I’m still very bummed; I have no real source of income, only small amounts of support from my family. I just got my mid-month paycheck, and I have some savings that can hold me for a couple months, but that’s about it. It’s scary.

What do I do in this time of uncertainty in the country?

Right now, I will do what I believe I was born to do: I’m going to take the time I have, and create. Right now, everything is blurry; I’m not sure what project to focus on first, and finding a source of income is very important right now. But I know that this time at home was given to me (definitely not in the way I expected).

A piece I made today; it fits gracefully on my desktop!

Please follow along with me as I navigate this journey, and I hope you all out there are staying safe in a very troubling time. Make sure to support your fellow human being in ways you are able, and be kind to one another.

If you have the means to support, I would be very grateful! I have my commissions open, per usual. And of course, I’ll be posting more drawings over on my Instagram.

Stay safe out there, and good luck to you!



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