Where’s Chapter 3 of “Jazz”?

How is everyone doing? I hope you all are safe out there. It’s scary times right now, but I’ve been safe at home, trying to keep up with the news. It’s been depressing, to say the least.

I took a little time to process the news, and I actually didn’t make any art for a while. Honestly it’s been very hard to stick to a routine lately. BUT! In the meantime, I have been working on new projects, along with a couple new pieces! I have some more ideas of new blog posts to make as well as more projects to talk about, but I’d like to talk about the future of “Jazz” first.

If you don’t know, I started a comic called “Jazz” about two years ago. It currently has two chapters now, which I’ve promoted and sold at conventions (which are super fun and I miss!!). Several months ago, I started production on chapter 3, which is called “Interception”. I had lots of fun working on it. As I moved to a new place, and started to be content with my new workspace, I started working on new projects. At the same time, I was caught up with my day job. I worked at an entertainment venue where I spent about 40 hours a week there. At this point, I has completely stopped working on Jazz, not having the time or energy to work on it.
Once the pandemic got worse and worse, I quickly lost my job, laid off in mid March. While this gave me more time to work on what I wanted, I found that I no longer had the same drive and passion to continue Jazz’s story as I did several months prior. There were a lot of changes I wanted to make with Jazz’s universe that I wasn’t prepared for. I has originally planned for Jazz to be a one off short story. I realized, while making chapter 1, that her story would be much more expansive.

I sat down and looked at the progress I had made with chapter 3 so far. It looked decent, but nothing I wanted to finish up and publish. I feel kind of bad, since I created a whole instagram for showing off the story progress, and promised that I would continue her story. But this project was bigger than I wanted it to be.
For now, I will sadly leave “Jazz” where it is for now. I can’t continue her story without the same passion I had for it. If I rush through it, it will not be at the standard that I want to show you all. I hope you all understand, and continue following me during this artistic journey.
I have much more art and stories to tell you about! My passion has moved to another project that I am happily working on with my good friend Poku (@jerry_poku_pisoni on instagram). We had this idea for the longest time to make a comic together, even before “Jazz“, and right now it’s starting to come to fruition. I won’t say too much now, but we have been having a lot of fun working on it together, even over discord and messenger chat.

Someday, I’d like to return to Jazz, maybe I’ll continue where I left off, or I’ll start all over, who knows? The thing I want the most is to not burn out on whatever project I’m working on. And, due to a bunch of circumstances, I knew that if I worked on “Jazz” in the state it was in, I was gonna burn out. Again, I hope you all understand.

The world has gotten pretty uncertain lately, so I put a link on my linktree account for some resources to help. I imagine lots of others on Twitter have posted the exact same thing, but it doesn’t hurt to spread it around, right? Click here for that!

My links! The first link will send you to some helpful resources.

Thanks for reading, and I hope to write soon about some art/life updates! Everyone stay safe. <3

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I’m Bored During Quarantine: Let’s Try out a Lifestyle Change

My workout calendar from Blogilates.com.

While I’ve been mostly staying at home, only going out to the grocery once a week, I’ve been feeling more and more lethargic as the days go on. The weeks after I lost my job I basically played video games, drew, ate junk food, and slept a lot. There wasn’t much to do, so I took time to relax, working on a few commissions here and there.

I could tell my body wasn’t really feeling very good. Some days I would use Doordash and eat way too much Wendy’s and get candy from GoPuff. I was sugared out, and I wasn’t moving around as much as I was like when I was working.

As April went by, I decided since I wasn’t really going anywhere, I should probably try and do something I haven’t done in a while. So I made a few changes to my diet, and started following a workout calendar! I was tired of feeling lethargic and overeating junk food, and I knew that I had gained weight. When I weighed in, it was a little… shocking! I was the heaviest I’ve ever been at 180 pounds. When I saw the number, it motivated me even more to try and get in shape and work towards a healthier lifestyle.

Here’s what I’ve been doing to start my little fitness journey:

1: Following Blogilates workouts

Blogilates is a series of fitness videos on YouTube run by Cassey Ho, a Pilates instructor I’ve been following since 2013! She’s an amazing instructor who is very motivating and cheerful, even behind a screen! I am following her beginner’s workout calendar to ease back into her workouts and get stronger. She has lots of different workout plans on her website, blogilates.com, and after I finish this one, I will move on to her PIIT28 workout, which is more intense! There’s actually a discount on her site for the PIIT28 workout if you all want to get on it while it lasts. Be sure to check it out if you want.

Even though it’s the beginning calendar, it’s still pretty tough! I’m in a constant state of soreness as my muscles are waking up and getting used to working out again. But I know that I am getting stronger, and I’ll be able to push myself more and do more advanced moves in the future.

2. Changing my Diet, but also Listening to my Body

One thing that lots of people struggle with when losing weight is changing their diets. While I’m not “going on a diet”, I am changing my eating habits and watching what I eat instead. Because once I get to my goal weight and size the “diet” is not over. I want to be able to incorporate these new eating habits for the long run. So things I’ve cut out completely for now is soda, candy, excess breads, and excess sugars. I have added in more vegetables and protein to my diet. Some things I’ve been eating are bell peppers and hummus, salads, smoothies, and steamed vegetables. One thing I’ve changed that’s been a little more difficult, but fun, is listening to my body, and recognizing when I’m full. I would tend to overeat a lot, and be way too full and bloated the next day. But now when I eat, I make sure to portion out my food so I don’t eat too much, and stop eating when I feel full.

That being said, I also listen to my body when I have cravings. When I want Nutella and toast, I’ll have it. When I crave Raising Cane’s, I’ll have it. When I have dinner and I still feel hungry, I’ll eat more. I don’t restrict myself too much. If I do indulge a little more, I can just balance it out by working out a little more or eating better the next day. That’s why I don’t like “diets”. I like to give my body what it needs.

3. Monitoring my weight and setting loose goals

I bought a couple things for my fitness journey: first a scale so I could actually weigh myself. Every morning after I workout and shower, I’ve been weighing myself. Now some people might not like weighing themselves everyday, but I’m doing it mostly out of curiosity and making sure I’m on track. It’s only been a week and a half, but I’ve lost 5 pounds! I am also measuring myself periodically to track that as well. Some people like writing down their weight and measurements as well as what they’re eating, but I haven’t been doing that. I feel like if I start doing that, I’ll get too obsessive with it. I may start doing it if I plateau though. But I do have a goal weight and a dream weight in mind. I’m not too worried about making those goals, and more focused on how I’m feeling everyday.

Some other things I bought is some more workout clothes and a waist trainer. The waist trainer was something I wanted to try out because I’ve seen that it helps with posture and helps you retain more heat when working out, and so far I like it! I don’t wear it as long as people say to wear it, mostly because I feel like it could get too damaging, but I like wearing it while I workout and for a couple hours while I sit at my desk. In fact, I’m wearing it right now!

4. Water!!!

Drinking water is very important just in general. And I’m making sure that I am drinking the proper amount everyday. I heard that if your urine looks like lime juice, then you’re hydrated! Kinda icky, but it’s a good indicator! I always keep a bottle full of water on my desk, and right now I have a ritual every morning where I fill my bottle up, turn on my fans, and get my workout in for the day. It’s really great! Water is pretty much the only thing I’m drinking right now, but I hear green tea is also very good to have as well. I am waiting on a blender to come in the mail, so soon I will have post-workout smoothies!

These are things I’ve been doing to jump start a healthy lifestyle. After this lock down is over and life starts to look normal again, I’d like to join a gym and workout there as well. I would also like to fix up my bike and go bike riding, and buy some other things like tennis balls and jump ropes. This summer, ya girl is gonna be fit! I’ll be sure to update you on my progress.

My goal weight is 150 pounds, but my dream weight would be to get down to 135 pounds. I also want to refine that hourglass shape that I have; get that Tinkerbell body, you know what I mean?

What a cutie <3 I was Tinkerbell for Halloween last year!

Again, these are loose goals that I have; I’m mostly doing this fitness journey to feel better and to fit clothes better. Once I hit my goals, my plan is to keep up my healthy lifestyle forever! We only have this body, might as well treat her right, you know?

If you out there feel like doing something to pass the time during quarantine, I suggest doing some at-home workouts! Since doing this I feel way more energetic, I’ve been waking up earlier, and feeling more productive throughout the day. It’s kind of amazing!

Everyone stay safe out there! Take care and I’ll write more soon <3


I Got Laid off Because of the Corona Virus; Now What?

What a turn this has been. Yesterday I received a call from my workplace saying that my job has ended due to the workplace closing. I lamented about the loss of my main source of income, I sat at my computer, wondering what to do. I was set to come into work the next day, ready to hear what craziness was going on outside of work, hoping nothing escalates further to the point of my job being on the line. Turns out things escalated very, very quickly, and after my phone call, I filed for unemployment.

I now sit in my home, keeping up with the news and social distancing as much as I can. I find myself with much more time on my hands, so I spent my first day of unemployment creating art, playing video games, and petting my cat. I’m still very bummed; I have no real source of income, only small amounts of support from my family. I just got my mid-month paycheck, and I have some savings that can hold me for a couple months, but that’s about it. It’s scary.

What do I do in this time of uncertainty in the country?

Right now, I will do what I believe I was born to do: I’m going to take the time I have, and create. Right now, everything is blurry; I’m not sure what project to focus on first, and finding a source of income is very important right now. But I know that this time at home was given to me (definitely not in the way I expected).

A piece I made today; it fits gracefully on my desktop!

Please follow along with me as I navigate this journey, and I hope you all out there are staying safe in a very troubling time. Make sure to support your fellow human being in ways you are able, and be kind to one another.

If you have the means to support, I would be very grateful! Please follow my Gumroad page, as I am working on some new pieces to put there as both downloadable copies, and physical prints. I also have my commissions open, per usual. And of course, I’ll be posting more drawings over on my Instagram.

Stay safe out there, and good luck to you!



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How to Manage Your Time as an Unpaid Artist

How’s everyone doing out there? Keeping safe and healthy? This whole pandemic is getting pretty crazy. Not getting into too many details, but this virus has been negatively affecting my job a lot more than I thought it would. It’s made the whole world sit on the edge of their seats, and opening up some pretty negative things about how the country is run.
Anyways, about this post for today. Let’s get to some sort of normalcy here, shall we? I have a topic I want to discuss that I’ve been thinking about lately that I want to share with you. And it’s all about managing time.

How many people out there have side hustles? I know I do, and it’s really rewarding and fun to work on projects at home, especially knowing there are people that enjoy what I’m putting out. But what happens when you’re trying to build a small empire for yourself, but also have to maintain some type of obligation, like a full time job, or maybe you’re even taking care of kids or other dependents? Do you feel like you’re very limited on time to work on your passion projects, and when you do have those golden hours to work, you end up too tired to even THINK about those projects?
While I may not be an expert, I have some pieces of advice that may help you combat those times when you want to work on something when it seems impossible. I’ve been trying out a couple new habits, so please take a look:

Go to bed early, wake up early
This may be one of the hardest pieces of advice to follow, so let’s talk about it first. Getting on a consistent sleep schedule, especially if you’re planning on working hard for something, is key. If you’re working a 9 to 5 job like me, make sure you are getting to bed at a reasonable time, both to perform well at your current job, as well as keeping stress levels low with a good amount of sleep. That way you’ll be able to work on those side projects with the best mindset. One thing I’ve been working on is trying to wake up at 6am every morning. While I currently am failing at this, I am trying to at least wake up before I have to get ready for work, and plan out some simple ideas to work on. Sometimes, this may consist of only writing down a couple things, or sending an email. With this, I have been introducing coffee to my diet. This may or may not be a good thing, but it definitely has helped me work a little longer than usual, and I do feel like a typical coffee-loving adult now.

On my days off, I do like to sleep in. I mean, who doesn’t like to sleep in? But on days where I work, I try to follow this schedule. If you really can’t commit to sleeping earlier at night, at least try to make your sleeping schedule consistent, and try to avoid long naps. There’s no worse thing than napping after a long day at work only to realize you slept through all your free-time. I’m not saying to burn yourself out to the point of exhaustion, knowing your limits is very crucial. However, time is all we have, and it’s important to know how to make time when you’re trying to build something.

Make a to do list, and try crossing things off that list!
Lists are very fun to make, at least for me. I’m a big fan of writing almost everything down that I want to do. Keep a planner or your smartphone on you with a list of things you want to accomplish for the week. I take my planner practically everywhere I go, and , while I’m not obsessive with it, I do like to keep track of what I want to accomplish. Stuff on my list may not have to do with building my art career; sometimes I write down that I have to do laundry. But sticking to a list is always very helpful, and crossing stuff off is even better! One very important thing to note, for me at least, is to not make your to do list too ambitious. It’s good to take baby steps when planning your future, and doing the things that you can do now in order to accomplish even more in the future is good.

If you can, write down ideas while at work
This piece of advice may not work for everyone, especially if you work in a fast-paced environment like retail. Sometimes at work I have things I want to add to my to do list. I either write it in my planner, or on a scrap piece and put it in my bag to look at later; I take it out of my mind to focus on my job. I couldn’t do this as much at my last job, but at my current place I can write down a few things during my downtime. Take this piece of advice with you carefully; don’t neglect your job duties with your side hustle duties, I don’t want anyone getting in trouble here! I know that some people may not particularly like their current set up, and it’s sometimes soul crushing to work a job you aren’t passionate about. But think of all the things on your to do list as milestones to help you reach a bigger goal.

Are you stuck on a concept? External sources may help!
If ideas leave your mind as soon as you clock in to work, or as soon as you fall asleep, be sure to write them down as soon as you’re able to. If you’re not much of a writer, try drawing your ideas, or recording them with your voice. Even if you have to tell someone your ideas. Getting your thoughts out into the world is essential. Also, adding onto this piece, find an activity, or task that allows your ideas to flow out if you’re feeling stuck. Whether that be driving, taking a bath, cleaning your apartment, or listening to a podcast; find something to do that inspires you.
Some things I like to do that help generate ideas are: listening to ASMR videos, drawing, taking a bath, anything calming and quiet that allows for minimal movement, and only the sound of my thoughts are in the air.

Form a support group
I don’t know about you, but I love seeing my friends. They inspire me in different aspects of my life, and all of my friends are also artists. We help critique each other all the time on our work, and help each other come up with project ideas. My boyfriend and a couple other of my friends are all working on a film together, and another friend of mine
does monthly sketch groups where we all get together and draw. These things have been amazing in motivating me to continue my passion projects especially when I feel art blocks coming on. When you have friends supporting you, there’s practically nothing you can’t do. If you’re having trouble finding people in your area, there’s always the internet! While I’m not too keen on meeting online friends, I know others that have has great success with it. Discord is a great place to join large groups of artists and people who are into the same things you are. Find your people!

When inspiration hits, follow it’s lead
Getting inspired is sometimes the hard part. But once it hits, it feels like all you can do is follow it’s lead. I may not need to give out this advice, because every good artist knows to do this, but if you have a million dollar idea that hits you square on the head, you better let it grab you by the hand. Sometimes that means staying up late and doing a whole painting of the entire world map of one of your stories (this actually happened). Whenever I’m inspired to create a new illustration piece, I like to sketch it out. When I see it on paper, I HAVE to finish it, or else I’ll think about it for the rest of the day. Because if this, I try not to sketch concepts right before I have to go to work. If you’re having trouble finding that type of motivation, try stepping away from the project for a while and do other activities. Sometimes coming back with a fresh eye is enough to inspire you again. I do this all the time with my stories.

While working hard, rest hard too.

Working hard to achieve a goal is good, but know when it’s time to rest. Being overworked and stressed is never fun; I’ve seen so many people under lots of stress, and it can really cause troubles with your health. If you’re feeling like you can’t focus on anything at your desk, or you’re feeling like you can’t even get a stroke on the paper, take some time off. Right now, I am working on a hashtag over on my Instagram called #366daysofsketching, where I try to post a sketch everyday this year. While I’ve been really good about it, I have missed some days due to working a lot at my day job, moving apartments, and other life stuff getting in the way. I don’t let it get to me, and I don’t try to apologize for it either. When I do post, people really like it, and sometimes leave really nice comments as well, and that’s huge. It’s essential to have a work-life balance, even when you’re trying to build an empire.

So, you’re going in hard. What’s the best way to go about it?

Are you ready to commit to long hours at your computer desk on the evenings after work and on the weekends to create your dream life? Here’s my advice: Go for it! Work smart. Be ready to make sacrifices. Tell your friends that you’re working on something. If you’re trying to save money for this venture, make smart financial choices. Don’t neglect your day job; that’s your main source of income still, remember? But all in all, work smart.

Thanks for reading my post! I hope you all found this advice helpful; I wrote it using my own ideas and what I’ve experienced so far in life, so do your own research on time management and growing a dream job. There’s lots of good resources out there.

Take care and good luck!



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My New PC Build

Here she is! What should I name her?

For 7 years I used a 13″ Macbook Pro as my computer of choice. We got it back in 2013 to get me through college and loaded it up with all the Adobe programs I needed to go to art school. With that laptop, I also played games, both alone and with my friends, and it has gotten me through my art side career after I graduated.

Starting last year, I noticed my laptop started showing its age. Programs slowed down, I couldn’t work in Photoshop without force quitting and resetting multiple times. I took it to the repair shop, and ended up having to replace the hard drive. After doing that, I decided that it may be time to upgrade to a new PC.

I’ve been wanting to build my own PC since 2015. I mostly wanted to build one for the experience, but also have a really powerful machine capable of multiple things including gaming, streaming, and Adobe products. At the time, Twitch streaming wasn’t as big as being a YouTuber, so at the time, I wanted to try my hand at making YouTube videos, which I made a couple (which now don’t exist anywhere on the internet). But I would have needed a more beefy PC to pursue that.

Now, in 2020, the time has come! I went ahead and took my hard earned cash and invested it into a really nice, powerful PC that I am currently typing this blog on! Read more for the specs…

I took a trip to my local Micro Center this past week ready to purchase the parts I needed. While I went a couple hundred over my budget, I ended up with a cart full of all the items I needed to get started. The sales assistants at the store were very helpful in deciding the parts for me, and made sure I got the right products and for good prices. When I got home, I couldn’t wait to get started. Luckily, I didn’t have work the next day, so I spent my night building this bad girl. It took me 5 hours hunched over my desk and watching multiple tutorials online. My boyfriend guarded my cat, and I got to work.

Here are my specs!

Right after I finished I took a victory photo. My cable management is not the best, but at least they’re somewhat out of the way!

Processor: AMD 8 core 16 thread by Ryzen (came with a fan with cool RBG colors!)

Hard Drives: 500GB m.2 SSD for storing Windows 10 software, and a 2TB mechanical SSD for storage

Graphics Card: GTX 1660 by MSI

Motherboard: Aorus B450 Pro Wifi Board

Case: Corsair Mid-Tower Spec-02 Case

Monitor: ACER 27″ 1920×1080 K2 Series

Keyboard & Mouse: A really cheap set 🙂

I went to bed at about 1am that night with all the pieces put together. The first time I turned it on and saw all the fans working was so magical!!

Later on, a friend helped me acquire Windows software so I could finally use it to its full potential. I spent a day off installing all the drivers and updates I needed to start working with my new PC.

My Plans with my new PC:

I would like to start up some projects that got put on hold because of my old computer malfunctioning, like creating new graphics for Soft Peach and Jazz in Illustrator and InDesign, as well as more projects for Soft Peach that require a little more CPU power.

I’d also like to start streaming on Twitch! I created a Twitch channel for the time being if you would like to follow. It will take me some time to start streaming, but I am working up to it! I will mostly be playing slower games like The Sims 2, Harvest Moon, Stardew Valley, etc. It will also be a place where I do some art as well. So if you would like to see me go live soon, let me know, and I will do it!

There are other projects I’d like to pursue with this new PC; I’m looking into new opportunities and business ideas that I could now take advantage of, and I am striving to use this PC to make some things happen. I’m uncertain of what those things are, so I will make sure to keep you updated on what they are in the future! I’d like to get to a point to where I can set my own schedule and be my own boss, so let’s see what the future holds!

What you Can Do if you Want to Build a PC:

Research, research, research. If you know nothing about building a PC, YouTube is a good place to start. For building my PC, the YouTube channel Paul’s Hardware was very informative and useful. He is very knowledgeable about the subject, so I highly recommend that channel. He helped me make a list of what parts I needed, how to set them up, and get to the point I am at now.

Have a friend help you build it too. If you know a person who has built a PC before, they maybe able to help you along the way. My brother in-law and another friend both helped me when I was researching to know what kind of hardware I would need for the type of PC I would need for what I’d be doing with it.

Speaking of what I want to do with the PC, figure out what the purpose of your build has, and figure that into your budget. If you’re looking for a PC that’s capable of multiple programs running, video editing, streaming in 4K, you may want to look into higher-end parts, and may spend upwards of $1,500-$2,000. My PC is a pretty good machine, able to run at high speeds, easily run games and other software with no problems so far. I spent a little over $1,000 for my PC, but you can easily swap out different parts if you’re looking to spend a little less. You can also upgrade over time. It’s all very customizable! If you’re able to make your way to a Micro Center, or any tech store, the sales assistants will be very helpful in pointing you into the right direction.

Thanks for reading this post! I was really excited to start up my PC and write this for you all. I look forward to creating more projects with this computer, and I hope you will join me on the next post!

Talk to you soon,

<3 Allison

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Late Night Talk

It’s about time for me to head off to bed for work tomorrow morning, but I can’t help but think about all the ideas I have floating around in my brain. I’ve been settling into my new place pretty well, and been working at my current job for almost 6 months now, and things are starting to feel normal. Maybe a little too normal…

It’s been a bit of a struggle to formulate my ideas and goals lately. Maybe it’s because I have so many passion projects I want to take on, maybe it’s cause I have to switch my mind from event planning at my day job to trying to produce a piece of art, or maybe it’s because I started drinking coffee more regularly and it’s ruining my brain! After work, I get very easily distracted from browsing YouTube and The Sims 2 that I end up spending my evenings not accomplishing anything.

While it’s great that I have a pretty steady income and my own place to call home, I now need to dedicate the time and effort to get down to business and produce some work!

Lately, I’ve been putting myself out there and been applying for more cons and freelance work. Looking for new jobs is obviously not a new venture to me, but I’m realizing that I need to go back to surrounding myself with artists and be in an artistic career setting. I enjoy what I do currently, but I don’t see it long term. I went to art school and have been drawing all my life for a reason, so I’m gonna make it a goal to make a career in art for myself, whether it be my own business, in a studio with a company, or in my own studio surrounded by my friends!

Only a short and sweet post for tonight; I like these spontaneous posts, so I’ll call it a night for now.



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January 2020: A Month of Change

Where do I start?

This past month has been one for the books. I haven’t even been able to think about the things I accomplished because I’d quickly move onto the next thing. Let me walk you through what I’ve been up to recently:

We got Planet Fitness hats! 

New Year’s Eve: At Times Square

Let’s start with the biggest thing I did, shall we? My New Year’s Eve was spent partying it up at Times Square in NYC. This was a big checkmark off my bucket list, and since a new decade was coming up, we had to take the chance to finally go. My boyfriend and I made the 8 hour drive to New York to watch the ball drop and get that sweet 2020 vision. While standing for 12 hours in the cold surrounded by millions of people wasn’t the best experience, getting a glimpse of the Big Apple was. We were only there for 3 days, so we only got a small chance to explore the city, but it was definitely worth it. We were able to stop by a couple shops we wanted to go to (I wanted to see the American Girl store, and we both wanted to go to the Nintendo store), and got to eat some delicious NYC pizza. If you ever get a chance to go to NYC for New Years, I suggest going at least once in your life if you’re up for it. But to be honest, watching New Year’s Rockin’ Eve on TV is still pretty good. However, I loved New York, and I’m already thinking about going back there again. Maybe if I ever go back for New Year’s, I’ll check the cost of a hotel near Times Square and watch the party from my window! 


First Convention of the Year: Ohayocon

My booth! My boyfriend was very helpful that weekend.

Now, this con was very spontaneous and last minute. I was put on the waitlist for this convention earlier in 2019, and decided I shouldn’t attend since I was packing and moving. Something in me however told me that I’d regret not going, and trying to buy a table the first day somewhat appealed to me. So, at 6:30am, the first day of Ohayocon, I made my way to the convention center and 4 hours later, I had a table! It was an amazing weekend full of happy anime fans enjoying themselves. I didn’t prepare very properly, and I didn’t have much to show, but I made the most of it, and I still made a profit! It was a lot of fun watching people get excited about seeing my art, and I just love selling at conventions. I’m so glad that I followed my instincts and made the plunge. It only fueled my love of my artistic side hustle, and motivated me to enhance my skills and continue creating more pieces and make this a full time hustle in the future. I was also able to add more business cards to my collection, and met and followed lots of new artists! 

My Biggest Move So Far

A glimpse of my living room with the nice curtains 😀

Literally a couple days after Ohayocon, I was set to move to a new apartment. Not just any place either. This happens to be my first place where I’m living on my own! That’s right, I’ve been really good at saving and working at my day job, and since my income has grown, I’ve decided it’s time to venture out on my own. I’m currently in great need of furniture, but we’ll get there! One thing I’m really excited about this new place is the freedom to work on my art in my own space. I thrive working on my art without too many distractions, and I felt a little constricted my my old place. I didn’t have a lot of room to grow and develop. But now, my desk fits nicely in my living room, and the space is mine! 

Give me some time to settle in, say, a month or so, and I would love to get more consistent with my art career. I have many plans, as usual, but this time I may be able to realize them, so please join me as I figure things out. I’d love to start making videos and incorporating them into blog posts, so please consider following and sharing. I have much more to show you!

Enjoy the rest of January!

<3 Allison


One of my New Year’s resolutions was to draw everyday. I had gotten so rusty since December was a very demanding time of year at my day job. I would work for 9-10 hours, come home, eat whatever was around, and sleep. I’d wake up and do it all again. This was my life for about 3 weeks in December, but now that things have slowed down and I’m settling into a new workspace, I have lots of time to draw and hone my skills. 

 Starry girl! A new character that came with drawing everyday.

That’s why, for 2020, I am going to draw and post at least a sketch every single day on my instagram @alla_softpeach. I’ve started a hashtag called #366daysofsketching, and I will use it for every post I make. So far I’ve done well; there were a couple days where I was moving where I couldn’t post, but I’ve been very consistent otherwise. Sometimes I come home from work very tired, but I manage to doodle something in my sketchbook to show. 

Sold this as a print at Ohayocon, and people loved it!

Accountability has been the biggest motivator. I  have an obligation to post something for my followers to see, as they are awaiting a daily post from me. That has been very good for me since I don’t want to let them down and forget about my commitment. This system works well for me, so I would suggest artists out there who are struggling with drawing everyday because if life’s obligations to try using my hashtag. It may inspire you to make a commitment to your followers, and it may help you to gain more followers, if that’s your goal. Even if you just post a tiny sketch, like I’ve done a few times. 

A little Tokyo Mew Mew never hurt anyone, right?

Through sketching everyday, I’ve come up with new ideas and characters to create. I’m coming up with stories and new designs, and it feels like I’m back in art school again. I love it! 

Please follow my instagram if you would like to see my daily sketches. After I type this up I will be adding another one for today, so go ahead to go to my insta and wait for that post to pop up! 

Happy Sunday everyone! 

<3 Allison

An Update: What’s Been Happening?

Did anyone forget that I blogged on the side? I guess I did, because I’ve been working so hard at my day job along with the rest of life’s obligations that I neglected my blog! 

There’s been a couple things going on in my life that I would like to catch you up on, and some things that I would like to do as the year comes to an end. We’re almost in 2020, and this next year feels like a big one! 

Here’s what I’ve been up to these past few months:

Studio Picnic: Planning, Planning, Planning

If you’ve read my post on Studio Picnic, you’ll know that I have this idea to open up a space for artists in my area chock full of helpful resources for young artists living in my city. Currently, I have a highly edited business plan written for the venture, and I have been getting brainstorming sessions in with anyone that will listen to my ideas. So far, the figuring it out part has been very fun and inspiring. I also created a Facebook Group for it as well. 

Along with some good old fashioned work, my friends and I have started a sketch meet-up with other artist peers. Every third Sunday we have been getting together at a public place, chatting and showing off our sketchbooks with each other. We’ve done it twice so far, and both times have been a big success! The photo below was from our first successful sketch meet up; we had fun drawing and eating pizza! 


Big Girl Step: Moving to her Own Place

Something that I’ve wanted to do ever since I graduated college is finally happening: I’m moving out on my own and getting my own place! It’s been a long time coming; I’ve been been working hard, and I’m becoming more stable enough to venture out and rent out a little downtown 1 bedroom for myself. The move is at the end of January, and I couldn’t be any more excited. I’ll be sure to write all about the moving process. Maybe I’ll so some sort of house tour when I get all settled and decorate the place, so stay tuned for that!

Working Hard at my Day Job, But Keeping my Options Open

I’ve been at my current job for 3 months now, and so far it’s been pretty good; I’m learning a lot about the event planning industry, and absorbing everything like a little sponge. The people I work with are helpful in making sure I understand things, and I think I’m starting to fit into my role with the company. Like I said before, it’s my first “Big Girl Job”, and I was so nervous at first to do a good job. I still feel that way a little bit, but I’m starting to get comfortable there. 

I am, however, still keeping my eyes on the horizon for any types of other opportunities that might come my way. Not that I am trying to leave anytime soon. I just like to keep my options open, and while I’m in a position to pay down my debts and save money, I am going to continue to build my art, build my business ideas, and try to make something out of myself. Even if that means moving to a new career, or starting my own business. When I first started my job I thought to myself, “this may be the job that I leave to become a full-time artist”. Only the future knows. 

Looking Forward to Writing my New Year’s Resolutions

I love the New Year. It’s a good time to clean the slate and start over, in a metaphorical sense that is. And this year feels a little more special since it’ll be a new decade too! The 20’s are gonna be a very interesting time in my life. In 2025, I’ll be 30 years old (what?!), so we will see what happens this decade. In 2010 I was 15, a confused and quiet teenager. I like looking far in the future, trying to visualize what lies ahead of me. My boyfriend gets nervous when I talk about the future, but I really enjoy thinking about it. It gives me motivation to make some of those visualizations real.

This will probably be my last blog post of the year. I’ll be sure to write more often, as it helps me organize my thoughts. In 2020, I have a lot that I want to accomplish, so I’ll be sure to write about it as it happens! Stay tuned for more in the future <3