Where’s Chapter 3 of “Jazz”?

How is everyone doing? I hope you all are safe out there. It’s scary times right now, but I’ve been safe at home, trying to keep up with the news. It’s been depressing, to say the least.

I took a little time to process the news, and I actually didn’t make any art for a while. Honestly it’s been very hard to stick to a routine lately. BUT! In the meantime, I have been working on new projects, along with a couple new pieces! I have some more ideas of new blog posts to make as well as more projects to talk about, but I’d like to talk about the future of “Jazz” first.

If you don’t know, I started a comic called “Jazz” about two years ago. It currently has two chapters now, which I’ve promoted and sold at conventions (which are super fun and I miss!!). Several months ago, I started production on chapter 3, which is called “Interception”. I had lots of fun working on it. As I moved to a new place, and started to be content with my new workspace, I started working on new projects. At the same time, I was caught up with my day job. I worked at an entertainment venue where I spent about 40 hours a week there. At this point, I has completely stopped working on Jazz, not having the time or energy to work on it.
Once the pandemic got worse and worse, I quickly lost my job, laid off in mid March. While this gave me more time to work on what I wanted, I found that I no longer had the same drive and passion to continue Jazz’s story as I did several months prior. There were a lot of changes I wanted to make with Jazz’s universe that I wasn’t prepared for. I has originally planned for Jazz to be a one off short story. I realized, while making chapter 1, that her story would be much more expansive.

I sat down and looked at the progress I had made with chapter 3 so far. It looked decent, but nothing I wanted to finish up and publish. I feel kind of bad, since I created a whole instagram for showing off the story progress, and promised that I would continue her story. But this project was bigger than I wanted it to be.
For now, I will sadly leave “Jazz” where it is for now. I can’t continue her story without the same passion I had for it. If I rush through it, it will not be at the standard that I want to show you all. I hope you all understand, and continue following me during this artistic journey.
I have much more art and stories to tell you about! My passion has moved to another project that I am happily working on with my good friend Poku (@jerry_poku_pisoni on instagram). We had this idea for the longest time to make a comic together, even before “Jazz“, and right now it’s starting to come to fruition. I won’t say too much now, but we have been having a lot of fun working on it together, even over discord and messenger chat.

Someday, I’d like to return to Jazz, maybe I’ll continue where I left off, or I’ll start all over, who knows? The thing I want the most is to not burn out on whatever project I’m working on. And, due to a bunch of circumstances, I knew that if I worked on “Jazz” in the state it was in, I was gonna burn out. Again, I hope you all understand.

The world has gotten pretty uncertain lately, so I put a link on my linktree account for some resources to help. I imagine lots of others on Twitter have posted the exact same thing, but it doesn’t hurt to spread it around, right? Click here for that!

My links! The first link will send you to some helpful resources.

Thanks for reading, and I hope to write soon about some art/life updates! Everyone stay safe. <3

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Life Update-Exciting Things to Come

It’s the third month of 2019, and some things are cooking up to make for an exciting couple of months. I thought I’d write up a quick life update for y’all to know what’s been goin on, and what to expect soon…



1. Soft Peach Updates: Jazz Chapter 2 release soon

Jazz High Kicks, the next chapter of Jazz’s story is set to come out soon, this Thursday in fact! I’ve been working very hard in the background putting the book together, making sure all the finishing touches are there. To make it easier on everyone, I will be making High Kicks available to read for FREE on my website, allasart.me. I thought that this way, people can follow Jazz’s story without committing to buying a physical copy.

Speaking of a physical copy, I am going to be listing a physical copy of Jazz on my Etsy shop, AllasArtStore, very soon. Would anyone be interested in purchasing a physical copy of Jazz? I personally love having a copy of a comic or a book to physically read. Well, besides Etsy, there will be more opportunities to pick it up.


2. Upcoming Art Sale appearances: Art Fair & SPACE

In April, I will be tabling a a couple shows! On the 6th expect me at CCAD’s Spring Art Fair. Along with my comics, I will be selling original and digital prints and stickers. I’ll also be doing live commissions, bundle deals, and sales. More details to come soon on my Instagram, @allas_art. Along with that, on the 27th and 28th, I will be tabling at SPACE, a comics expo! This will be my second SPACE show; I had so much fun last time, so I’m ecstatic they invited me back for another go. Same kind of tabling setup; gonna be selling comics, prints, stickers and live commissions.

Conventions are some of my favorite things to do as an artist, something I have a lot of passion for. I find myself looking up other artists’s booths, watching videos about what to bring, taking notes as I watch. As both a vendor and an attendee, I always leave conventions incredibly inspired to keep doing projects and making artwork.

My goal for this year is to be more engaging to the event goers and other vendors. Networking with other artists is very important it seems, and establishing those connections has the potential to make partners and friends. And of course, collecting another stack of business cards for my collection. I have another goal of finding more and more shows to apply to, both in Cbus and across the country. I have a list of cons that I have applied to, ones to apply to next year, and ones to attend. Ultimate goals would be tabling at a show once a month, or even more.

My boyfriend always gives me ideas on how to make my table more interactive and unique among the sea of artists. Last year, I had a basket of apples for people to take to promote Chapter 1 of Jazz; they were supposed to be peaches (y’know, Soft Peach), but sadly they weren’t in season. It was still a fun experiment; people were either confused as to why I had apples, would ask of they were free, or just took them. It was interesting, as people react to things in their own little unique ways.


3. Commission Planning

Over the years I have had commissions open for when someone wanted a unique piece from me. As an artist that’s pretty active on social media, it seems like I almost HAVE to have commissions, or a Patreon, or some kind of online shop so I could make money. Every time I have opened commissions, even made cute little flyers with my prices, I get nothing. Not that I am struggling with money, I have a day job to pay bills, but I just want to make art for people. I love seeing people get excited about something I’ve created. I have been working on making a commission page on my website allasart.me for people to see, however, I think I won’t be releasing them until I know people want them. It’s easy to get buried under everyone else trying to make a living off commissions, so my plan is to have them open soon, but maybe not very soon. It’s something that I will play by ear moving forward. That way I will have more time to focus on actually MAKING art 🙂

My very first face-up using acrylic paints; I haven’t shown this anywhere yet because it was such a spontaneous process.

4. Doll Customizing

My newly found passion is doll customizing. One day I stumbled upon a video of an artist customizing a Monster High doll, and the result was a gorgeous doll that I was mesmerized by. I ended up binge-watching a ton of doll customizing videos from different artists, thinking, “I could do this.” I went back and forth on whether or not I wanted to try doll customizing for myself, but, if y’all know, if you have a passion for something, you can’t stop thinking about it, and just HAVE to do it. Or at least that’s me anyway. This was the case with doll customizing, or OOAK (One of a Kind), as its called in the doll community. I will be practicing this craft over the next few weeks, and show my progress online. It will start out as a hobby for now, something to do for fun. We will see where it goes from there.


My ultimate goal is to become a full time artist; once I get there, there will be MORE projects, even MORE artwork, tabling at MORE shows, being my own boss. Know that some days feel harder than others, but I always spring back and motivate myself to be the best I can be at what the day holds for me. And trust me, sometimes it takes a LOT to spring back, but I have faith on my side. I have my friends and family to lean back on, and somehow they always carry the best advice for life. It’s good to take things day-by-day, and not expect something to happen if you don’t put the work in. That’s what I think at least.

My philosophy in life is to put in good work, be kind, and good things will come to you.